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  1. Is there some trick to that fight? I was surprised at how tough it was. I read something about using one of the bosses to block the others, but I can't seem to make that happen.
  2. Happy birthday! :D

  3. Just confirming that the Instakill/Deathtouched Darts work on the final boss in the Fight Kiln (Har-Aken). I assume it would if I use it on the head when it pops up. I've looked on various forums and that seems to be what people think, but I was hoping to get hard confirmation. I'm not looking to debate whether someone actually should use their dart for that boss. I'm close to the Completionist Cape and will likely cut back on my playing time afterward, so I'm just looking to save some hassle for myself.
  4. As to a), if they know you've ignored their spam message then they also know that you're not a likely customer. As to b), I think it's safe to assume that they expect to be reported. I think you may be overthinking the spammer business model.
  5. So I ended up getting the Jack of Trades, and the calculation given above checked out. With the Dwarven Military Axe and killing a few locals, I did the 10 skills in less than 5 minutes. A pretty good supplement for RC training, in my opinion.
  6. Now that I have the loyalty points, I was considering getting the Jack of Trades aura to supplement my skill training. I can't find any information about how much XP you get from it. Obviously, I'd only get the aura if it's worth it. Any ideas?
  7. For what it's worth, W88 was totally empty, but W71 is populated. Thanks again.
  8. Is there a world that people use for the dwarven Lava Flow mine? Thanks.
  9. Currently level 95 Dung, looking for a group or clan to train past 99. Skills in sig, but to summarize: 2423 total levels; 18 99's; all skills 91+. Have hood and 2H bound. I am located in EST. I will be training Dungeoneering almost exclusively at least until 99 and most likely beyond.
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, the Construction Table does not include the Oak Prize Chest in the list of objects in the Games Room.
  11. The spirit tree storage seems a little curious to me. Just having it to save bank space doesn't seem to be worth the effort to put into the game. I wonder if there's something they have planned that having seeds saved would be worthwhile. Upon further reflection, they may just be adding the additional spirit tree patch later and want to give some incentive to be ready for its delayed release.
  12. I've noticed that there are an increasing number of worlds that have pings significantly lower than what I'm accustomed. It used to be I'd never get lower than 79/80. Now there are 6 under 50. Is Jagez making upgrades or something? I'm not a hardware person, just curious.
  13. I'm fairly sure I was a Miniclip kid. :ugeek: I was too, if you count a 26-year-old dude looking for a way to goof off during boring grad classes.
  14. Happy birthday :D

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