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  1. hmm isnt there an item that teles u right to the dungeon they are in havent been there in looong time. and i heard the jadinkos are crap so block them ?
  2. So what 5 tasks are best to block due to slow kills or just boring, currently have terror dogs/desert strykes/jungle strykes/tzhaar/warped torts blocked
  3. kalphites+cannon in do no evil cave are amazing
  4. interesting maybe il try bandos next time i get them for a task
  5. yeah dunge gears are a no go and akrisae i do not have access to atm
  6. so can anyone tell me why a 137 on steel dragons using melee prayer protect is using a bunyip? and i get called a nub for using war tort lolz maybe he mad that i can beat nomad and he cant?
  7. just bored with meleeing and storm of arma is out lol dont have that quest and dont wanna train agl for it since i hate it sooo much
  8. ee for sure uni i dunno his cure poison only cures it dont make u immune to it if u get bite by snake again
  9. So yeah want to start barrows up again whats the best spell to use fire surge or ancients ice barrage
  10. i started pp in the early 70's went by kinda fast actually
  11. i slay perfectly fine with supers plan to get extremes but never ovls
  12. just curious why would u block abyssal demons O_o?
  13. do elites get puzzle boxes?
  14. yep cannon any task not in slayer cave,slayer tower,kuradals dungeon,chaos tunnels you get more range xp then you know
  15. yep glacors the new boss to hunt from new quest,staff of armadyl,3 new boots 1 for each combat style best in game and really expensive
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