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  1. Only way to find out is to test it. Get a bunch of people together and go into the dungeon and see if you are all "on the other side", or if you are missing some people.
  2. I have a lot of cooked rocktails in my bank from 99 fishing and cooking, and I was wondering what the price is going to settle down as? The price is still rising quite a bit each day, but I was just wondering if there was anybody who could give me an idea on what the max price is going to be and when to sell them? Thanks!
  3. So pretty much always use the highest slayer master you possibly can?
  4. For next week. I never slay that much, but x3 xp is a good time to start. I have done Smoking Kills and my stats are below. Which slayer master should I go to?
  5. I was wondering which of the auras wold be the best to purchase for either combat or just all around gameplay? Thanks!
  6. It was a total of 17m after looting and crushing all nests.
  7. I was thinking about a fury and I have a fire cape already. What's at 80 slayer that would be better? and which quests would I have to do to get what you would recommend? maybe ill actually do quests, at least ill have a goal set instead of grinding skills. And I have about 55m cash lying around, and am still in the process of getting 99 fish with rocktails, so I have more money coming in daily so cash shouldnt be a problem.
  8. Well, since I just came back to RuneScape, I kinda need to know what the best combat gear is nowadays. I'm talking about just general melee combat gear. Also, refer to my avatar pic on the left to see what I have right now and my stats on the bottom to see what I can currently get. (And no D'eering weps or quest requirement weps.)
  9. 8 magics, 19 yews, 5 spirits, and a bunch of other fruit tree seeds.
  10. I just finished looting all of the nests, now I got to crush them all :x Sold all of the maples and coal already, and that alone was enough to cover the money I put in the coffers. So the seeds, rings, and nests are pure profit.
  11. haha, I guess I really did quit for a long time. Nice gift to come back to, though. :thumbsup:
  12. I just realized that prayer now has the extra zero like Hitpoints does. When was that introduced?
  13. Hey guys! I took a break from RuneScape for about 3 months and renewed my membership yesterday. I plan to get my two 99's I was working on and then I'm not sure after that. Anyway, can anyone give me a rundown of the updates in the past three months and also anything else notable that occurred? Also, whats the status of the economy? Thanks!
  14. Brett0wnz


    I'm just wondering what is best to put your manage thy kingdom on these days. It used to be 10 herbs and 5 maples/fish, what mine is currently on, but has it changed since then? Thanks!
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