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  1. Thanks for the information everyone, Faststrike - Little slow exp for me, much prefer buyables to spend GP and get them done quicker (to a certain extent) Any quicker methods for Smithing (now lv 59 so between 60 and 80) besides making highest level platebodies? Cheers.
  2. It is a solid 2x multiplier for the entire weekend. Don't do prayer though, unless you plan on just straight burying them as the gilded altars will not give you a bonus. I'd suggest you train herblore. Okay excellent, 2x exp for the entire weekend shall be fun. The last time I participated in a double xp event a couple years ago now it was a 2.7x multipler that quickly drained over the course of game time. I now fully understand the reason to not train Prayer so that will not be touched over the weekend. I will investigate herblore further! Is there any reason (somewhat like Prayer) I have read people say not to train Summoning over double xp weekends? I understand why not to with Prayer but not yet for Summoning. Cheers,
  3. Quick question, In regards to BXP weekend how does it work these days? Does it still start with x2 BXP and go down gradual or? Trying to decide on to gear BXP weekend towards prayer or not - I will start with Summoning but once Charms run out need a decent backup plan but wonder how BXP works these days. Thanks in advance,
  4. I seen on another post someone was gearing up for it but had no idea of the dates, thanks heaps for that! Summoning will be priority that weekend for myself!
  5. Thanks heaps for your reply Arceus, For those interested - Runescape Wiki has been my source of information, very helpful. From when I posted this I decided to train Ranged, went from 72 to 80 at Waterfiends and collected almost 1k crims charms. Have gone from 50 to 72 Herblore with a very rough cost of 10-12 mill - I have now banked and training from 72 to 80 - It cost around 65 mill to bank the items but once I sell items I assume rough cost 72 to 80 will be around 15-17 mill once finished product is sold, FYI 52 to 72 was Super Energy Potions and 72 to 80 making Super Ranged potions. I have not found effective fast exp for Smithing yet so may postpone this skill. - 80 Herblore will not take long, will most likely move back to Agility to attempt 74 to 80 OR train Magic (Maybe at Waterfiends?) and next time a double EXP weekend comes up have charms ready to go for 68 to 80 on double EXP if that comes around anytime soon.
  6. Hey Tip.It, I am currently training to Lv 80+ in all stats. Whilst training Agility I have hit a bit of a wall so feel like a change. I am now wanting to train Herblore and Smithing to Lv 80. Both are currently Lv 50 - A) What is the fastest training method in both skills (what will I make?) also at what point will I swap to X-Y-Z training method? B) Whilst I do have the GP available for both of these skills, anybody have an approximate guides to cost between Lv 50 to 80 in both above mentioned skills? I would be interested to know before I undertake this journey and I'd imagine others would like to know as well. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Kind regards,
  7. I really hope with 'Inventor' skill to see both more ways to semi-afk train with okay exp - But flip side with more focus and actual skill much larger exp gains. Suit both play styles depending on the players mood for the day. 200m - Will be interesting to see how Jake vs Jdelacroix for 3rd go! :) It's a pity S U O M I isn't currently chasing 5.2b,
  8. Any idea when he will be getting it? Has anybody seen any posts/comments anywhere stating a time - Would love to be online/at the location when he gets it. It's worthy of an in-game Jagex event.
  9. So close! Anybody think Jagex will do something special for Drumgun? Special announcement or similar?>
  10. I really haven't played for around 3-4 years, hence low lvl skills. Farming is on the list once I start doing quests and catch up on the back log. So Farming is one of the last on my to-do list once I get most other levels up and start questing - :) I am unsure to much about 'warbands' - Quick google search explained a bit but still not 100% sold on the benefit. If others could help out it would be much appreciated. :) Ty'ing you
  11. Hey Guys, So I made a recent post a few weeks back and got some great help and advice - So now I have got back into RS full swing, some questions. I have about 90-100mil to spend, want a couple good examples of ways to train - Some what efficient in time but not blow the whole stack (If I can) Goals - Lvl 80 all stats - So in the last few weeks I've got fishing/cooking and almost WC to 80 - About to do FM to 80 once complete WC goal. ******************* Construction - Where do I even start? Aprox cost to lvl 80? Once complete and acheived lvl 80 will use my own altar for lvl 80 prayer. Herblore - what should I make to what lvl, then swap to what? Smith/Craft - Same as Herblore, don't know where to start - So newb feeling lol. Whilst I have your attention - Any idea on Mage 72-80? Can make more money if needed, but I'd hope 90-100 mill is enough to get to lvl 80 everything from current stats - is this even achievable? I will more than likely have fun blow 40-50 mill on some stats then go do agility *shudder* then back to blow the rest lol. :) Thanks in advance,
  12. excited to see Drumgun max!
  13. Hey Guys, Past - Originally started back in RSC, played heaps then and heaps since on and off with multiple different chars' but I have been inactive on RS for a few years now. I am using this guy (stats posted) - Minimal money - as a lot of what I did own is now not worth a lot after viewing the Grand Exchange. Goals are, as always raising skills. But also making money slowly through skills to buy decent gear for PVM. What do people use now in terms of PVM gear? With current stats what could I do to make money? I would like to aim for all stat 80+ I know veterans don't appreciate these posts and I remember what I used to think, but alot has changed and some advice would be nice. Thanks heaps in advance, EDIT: Also: Have paid for a month of p2p to give this game another shot. Fishing/cooking will most likely be first goals attempted at reaching 80/80 and then moving onto other goals, but also open to other skills and which ones to raise to 80 next. Open to opinions. :) With work and life commitments only opportunity to play is roughly couple hours per night.
  14. From a company perspective, good fight jagex. Win win. But its a game marketed to 13-18 year olds. The flashing lights an bling bling all reflect the same atmosphere as a slot machine.\ The design is same as a casinos. But its all legit, Jagex would of had lawyers run over this with a fine tooth comb. Good fight, dislike but good job from a investment perspective. Look forward everyone, that is to buying gp ect in the future in my opinion. Lots of other games offer it, jagex is just shifting with the times. I'm against it, but understand it. Meh I guess, glad I rarely play to be honest.
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