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  1. Hello all, I was wondering which arena would yield for me the highest xp for the amount of time i have for my aura. Ape atoll at 580xp a lap, or the pyramid at slightly over 1k xp. basically my question would be, can i do 2 laps of ape atoll faster than i can do 1 lap of pyramid garunteed no fail? my level is 72 right now, hoping to get 80.
  2. awesome thank you :), one more quesiton though. how long do drops last on the ground now? like how should i balance my kills to picking up drops so its decent xp
  3. did you mean bursting dags gets between 500-600k mage xp?? because if so thats incredible! im assuming normal mage set up with soul split? EDIT: and also why are chins said to be useless now? like i cant just go chinning mummies anymore??
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if there remains any methods for speed training mage and range, because i was told chinning is now useless. is this true? and also would bursting rock lobsters be a bad way to train mage and collect charms (is it as fast as it used to be)? I know ranging waterfiends is a really good way to rack up some range xp and some crimsons, but i was hoping for something a little faster. Thanking you all in advance,
  5. I was wondering how much combat xp (ex. attack xp) would i recieve for 1.2m slayer xp? like what is the ratio also what would be the HP xp (again, ratio please)? if there is a calculator available i'd appreciate a link :) thanking you all in advance,
  6. I was just wonder what is the fastest way to get thieving up from 61-70 (then to 80) and also Agility from 71-80. For thieving i really dislike the squ'rk juice thing, its way too tedious of a task lol and also if you are to suggest Pyramid pllunder, what is a good method for getting maximum xp yield?? thanks in advance
  7. yea, i had that exact problem when trying to reload it, just closed safari all together and tried again, then after a couple attempts and a good 2 minute wait, it loaded again and now im playing fine, just with a lot of lag :ohnoes: thank you pingouin for the reference link!
  8. was just wondering if its just me or is anyone else experiencing random disconnections (at times 6-7 in a row!) and just client crashing/extreme fits of lag. it started for me around 11p.m EST (June 3rd) and is still on going :blink:
  9. i just had 6 quick questions and was hoping for some answers, 1. why would one prefer to kill mutated bloodvelds as opposed to the normal ones? in the beastiary i saw that normal bloodvelds are easier to kill, yet yield better drops than the mutated ones. the only reason i could find was the fact that mutated bloodvelds have 500 more life points, meaning a bit more xp. is that really the only reason or am i missing something?? 2. what would be the fastest way to get from 80-85 magic? 3. i have been told by many that thieves guild is a really good alternative to training thieving up until level 70, but i havent been told what exactly in the guild to train on. would it be the chests or the wall safes? 4. what would be the most efficient way of training mining from 75-80? 5. i'm still stuck on how to train my herblore from level 70-85. i have been referred to Grimy's spreadsheets, and i have thoroughly looked at them, but im not quiet sure i understand the information properly. can anyone give a direct recommendation on how to to approach these next 15 levels? and finally 6. i am currently on the final boss fight in the Branches of Darkmyre quest, and i'm well aware that the boss fight is meant to be challenging, but oh my god i've tried literally 12 times so far and every time i'm able to reduce his lifepoints down to i'd say honestly less than 300, and i would have a good amount of health and food left in my inventory, but again every time i'm about to finish him he hits me 3 times, consecutively and K.O's me. i'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this or is this some sort of a glitch? all 12 times this has happened, 3 hit K.O. at first i thought it was coincidence but the exact same thing occurs every time, from long distance he just hits 3 times (and its not the blood pool spell that he throws at you). my method is using Karils, dragon fire shield, and praying against magic while ranging him. i've attempted melle but came nowhere near close to killing him. again, i've currently taken a break and decided to burn some vyres to boost the strength of my weapons (currently 100 burnt), but just wanted to know if theres anyway past this 3 hit thing :s (i even did 1 run with sara brews and super restores :oops: ) genuinely frustrated. edit: just as a note my levels are 90 constitution, 87 range, 90 defence, 85 attack and strength, 70 prayer i thank you all in advance and appreciate your time :)
  10. i dont believe i understand this :oops: are you trying to say to make sure make the untradable pots so that i have a large enough stock pile (so then afterwards i wont need to spend money making them)?
  11. lolol the countdown thing reminds me of the whole KONY2012 movement
  12. thank you all very much for the suggestions, having read Quyneax' response on how i could potentially use the defender or for that matter any other shield at the dragons without damage was my selling point lol. now the question is what would be the best way to jump from 70-85 in herblore?? i recently spent a good 5mil getting from 60-70 so not sure if im the most efficient when it comes to training the skill lol
  13. why 85 herblore?? :oops: not too familiar with the skill, and recently got 70 lol
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