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  1. What does that mean? Got a topic that explainst it all please? EDIT: Oh you means the Combat Beta System.............
  2. Hello everyone from Tip.It! Not sure but this is probably my first ever post I've done since 3+ years of my first Tip.It Registration. Let me introduce myself, I'm Tune, a Veteran player of RuneScape. I have passed a long time throughout the RuneScape years, I remember the first time I played RuneScape, my school friends hired me to play it, so I went to one of my friend's house, helped me do half of the tutorial, and was stuck on Tutorial island for months! I didn't have a personal PC back then, hence why I was stuck, hehe. When I got my first time PC and Internet, which was on my birthday, I went on RuneScape, worked as hard as possible to fight myself through Tutorial Island, finally when I managed, the most happy moment I had was getting out of tutorial island, having a 99 didn't make me happier than getting out of the tutorial island for the first time! Now let's go through this discussion. We have RuneScape Classic, based on Classic players and for the other 3 weekly released for formal players to join the Classic RuneScape Community. What would you think if we had RuneScape 2 [Low Detail], as in RuneScape 2006-2008? Would it bring the old players back? Would RuneScape manage to gain thousands of more players in the RuneScape 2 LD Community? Would you go back to RuneScape if you're a Retired RuneScape Player? Cause I would. /discuss
  3. Hi, im "il-kwart" Anyone can add me on rs, im f2p pure, 1002 total lvl, made this acc a year ago and quited for 8 months. :) Make me in highscores! :D
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