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  1. For future reference, it doesn't work against all undead, only a few types: Zombies Skeletons Ghosts Banshees Crawling Hands Aberrant Spectres Shades (Mort'ton) Ankous Ghouls And it does not work together with black mask.
  2. Basically its a wearable enchanted gem. It also tellys you to the new slayer master Sumona, Slayer tower, slayer dungeon and Tarn's lair. It has 8 uses. You can buy them with slayer reward pts or learn how to make them with reward pts.
  3. Check Here: http://www.truthscape.com/html/ts_Truth ... agicRa.htm
  4. It is supposed to be legal. I use it. Also you should not get and keylogger from the download, but virus check it to be safe. Also, I don't think you can mention it anymore on this forum.
  5. Mazchna - 1 points Vannaka - 4 points Chaeldar - 10 points Sumona - 12 points Duradel - 15 points Also you only get pts for the 5th task and beyond, without burthoping any. And you get 5x pts for each 10th task or 15x pts for each 50th task.
  6. They are tough and in a multi-combat area, suggesting you need high level and/or Guthans. Also, I think your prayer is drained there. I tried them once to see how I liked it and decided I would rather spend the 30 pts to remove the task any other time it comes up.
  7. Range them from safe spots.
  8. I used to make alot of these for home teleports and home tab making, that is until the GE made them virtually useless to make and So much easier to buy.
  9. That certainly answers my questions, thx for the fast reply. Also thx for the forums back on-line ! ! !
  10. I have reached 10 in a row and got 5x my current reward as my reward. My current reward was 12 for Sumona and I got 60 for my 10th task. My question is at 50 in a row, what is the reward? Is it also 5x the current reward value? Meaning is it worth it to get to 50 in a row, or Burthope your 11 task to restart the 10 in a row cycle for maximum rewards?
  11. http://www.runescape.com/kbase/viewarti ... le_id=1998
  12. Drop trading has been "fixed". The ONLY way to give him the ax for free is for both of you to get enough quest pts, about 90, then you can give him the axe.
  13. If you can make money off anything in GE, and it gets out, you can bet it soon won't be costly enought to alch anymore.
  14. One last thing, I do not know or have checked how Sara Brews affect Summoning level.
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