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  1. Just cleared faction champions on 25 TOC :smile: Probably my favorite boss fight, its so hectic and crazy :shock:
  2. [hide=1. Megan Fox][/hide] [hide=2. Kari Byron][/hide] [hide=3. Hayden Panettiere][/hide] [hide=4. Angelina Jolie][/hide] [hide=5. Jennifer Aniston][/hide] I'd say the last 2 I just kind of threw in there because I couldn't think of anything atm. If I think of something better I'll edit ;) And tell me Megan Fox isn't hot in that first pic. Ya. That's what I thought :D
  3. I've been running ToC for the past week now, trying to get the edge of ruin axe, but with no luck. Finally, today it drops, along with a lot of other awesome loot... And I lost the rolls on all of them to a stupid ret pally. All of the below items dropped, and they're all very nice upgrades from what I have, and they all went to a ret pally. FML. (I'm an unholy DK btw) http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47565 http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47502 http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47493
  4. Wow. You guys must love playing Nazi Zombies on COD5. :P
  5. Is anyone good with add-ons? I'm trying to get x-perl unit frames (mainly just for the cool looking frames), but when I installed it I got 50 errors, and my unit frame is gray with just a health and mana bar (no numbers, nothing. And I'm a dk, I don't even use mana). [hide=pic of errors and stuff][/hide] I'm trying to make a UI... sort of. If anyone is good with addons, or good with making UI's... I need help :shock: Also if anyone could reccomend me just some cool addons in general. I want to find a good casting bar addon, and one that helps with buffs (preferably just timing them so I remember to put them back on...)
  6. Is anyone else experiencing some massive server lag? Last night it took like 3-4 minutes to create an auction. Anything like selling stuff to vendors/getting mail took forever -.-. And then whenever I logged out/logged back in, the loading bar would fill, then just sit there for like 5 minutes. Pretty annoying when I'm trying to get mounts on all my lvl 20+ chars.
  7. I see your 4 youtube videos and raise you 1. 1.) 2.)then this 3.) 4.)then some of this 5.) If you couldn't tell, I'm a big sailor and cyclist. The last two just look crazy. :P
  8. I just saw Coldplay, on the Viva La Vida tour. I don't really like coldplay that much, but the show was amazing (A friend of mine had an extra lawn ticket that he sold me for 30 bucks). The lights and everything were completely out of this world. On the song "Yellow", they released all these huge yellow ballons into the crowd, which was awesome, and they had confetti and everything. It was just amazingly choreographed. We were on the lawn which was way in the back of the stadium (it was like an amphitheater kind of arrangement), and a couple of my other friends had seats up closer, which they were bragging about. Then, about halfway through the show, the band gets off stage, and then they emerge like 30 seconds later, on the little walkway before the lawn and then they walked up onto the lawn onto this little circular stage which was right near us. Basically everyone on the lawn sprinted to it (as did I), and when I got there we were 11 rows back from them. They di like 3 songs up there, it was awesome. They even did a cover of "Billy Jean". So ya, my friends wanted to kill me. it was fun. ;) Without a doubt the best performance I've ever seen. If you don't like Coldplay, but have a chance to see them, do it. You will not regret it.
  9. Well, if they used alching, they'd probably have around 10 hp (60 magic and 10 hp is 32 combat)... Which is an extremely easy 1 hit kill for most pures, especially obby maulers. I don't really see the point of that, they'd be killed pretty much instantly. I'm sure there are a lot of people with corrupt weapons and they are definitely a threat. However I'm assuming they're a lot more expensive than a maul, although they do the same amount of damage. But, I'd choose the maulers high hp and lower cost over high cost for a corrupt weapon and lower hp. As for the summoning tanks... They're interesting. They have quite substantial survivability, but not too much ko-ing power. (except for the chinchompa one, thats pretty good). They seem very very expensive though, so thats a bit of a drawback. And also I'm assuming they don't get too many fights, most pures don't fight tanks as a general rule (especially obby maulers). The DFS one didn't really have much to do with summoning (a lot of the time it looked like he didn't even have a familiar out), but thats the only plausible way to tank imo (using the DFS to ko). If you really want to shell out 25m or whatever for a DFS, then go for it, but thats not for me :P. Like I've said before, theres different types of pkers, and I'm not saying that obby maulers are necessarily the best (although I like them quite a bit). It really depends on your style of pking. If you like having good ko-ing power, then obby maulers are good. If you like fast, small hits, then a pure ranger is good. If you like consistent medium damage, a regular 40 attack pure is good. If you like being able to survive a ton of people attacking you, then a tank.
  10. Well I quit RS a little while ago, and I've never even seen/heard of a summoning tank before, so I don't really know how to address that. As far as corrupt pvp weapons go, at lower levels they're probably going to be doing about the same amount of damage (or maybe a little less) as a maul will, because with attack the player will have much lower strength. They are quite a bit faster though, and more accurate so they definitely do have an advantage. However its not like you run into those in every fight, and they're quite expensive (a bit too expensive for most low level pkers I'd say.) Mage pures aren't really a problem tbh. 80 mage and all 1 combat stats is 56 combat (assuming they trained mage with combat, which would give them 68 hp). 56 combat is quite a ways away from a regular obby maulers 32-33 combat. At 34 combat, a mage would have around 50 magic and 39 hp. I don't really know much about mages but I don't think they're going to be doing much damage at 50 magic. Most of the things that you named are quite a bit higher level than the standard 32-33ish combat level obby pure. I've said before that obby pures really don't do too well at higher levels when you get into granite mauls, ddses, and people with defense. That said, at a higher level, many obby maulers choose to get 20 attack for the corrupt weapons, get 50 attack for the granite maul, or get defense and become an obby tank. Or just turn into a ddser. Obby maulers' are best at low levels.
  11. How much did you play? :shock: you must be really tired :P 10/10, amazing.
  12. I need some help with my death knight, http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dalvengyr&n=Excitement I can't figure it out, about a month ago, back when I had no pvp gear or anything, and the only epics I had were [bleep]ed titansteel helm and the titansteel destroyer, I was getting like 2.3-2.5k dps. Now, with 2 pvp items, a lot more epics, the mirror of truth trinket, and an upgraded sigil, I'm struggling to get 2k dps. I was always unholy, and I haven't changed my talents around at all. So does anyone have any ideas on talents? I would like to stay unholy, so if anyone has a good unholy dps spec that'd be sweet. Eventually I plan on getting dual spec for tanking, but thats a while in the future. Also any suggested gear I should be shooting for would be great as well. And another thing, I was in a heroic the other day, and it occured to me that I never really use unholy presence, I've always used blood presence. Which is better? Unholy is 15% faster, but blood is 15% more damage. Also with my talents, my runes cooldown 10% faster in UH presence. I was also wondering about pvp gear. I was talking with some rl friends and they were saying that pvp gear is awful for pve. Is it really that bad? Should I be trying to get different gear to replace the pvp gear that I have now? Hopefully someone can help :D
  13. This is really amazing for me. I'm a huge sailor (I teach sailing at a local maritime school where I've been sailing at since I was around 8. I race 420 dinghy's for my high school sailing team, and I go to loads of regattas in the summer), and this is basically the mount everest of the sailing world. The Volvo Ocean Race (Sailing race around the world on 70 foot yachts that are probably the most technologically advanced sailboats on the planet. However there's a crew. Awesome vid) made a stop in Boston, which is very close to where I live, so I went to see them a couple times during their 2 week visit. I got to see them leave, which was probably one of the coolest experiences of my life, seeing 6 (maybe 7, I don't remember) 70 foot boats starting at a starting line about 50 feet away from me. But this is just crazy. I would kill to go on the Volvo Ocean Race, but I'm not sure if I'd want to go around alone, although the boats are really cool.
  14. dippymister


    I saw this vid and just felt like I had to post it. [hide=][yt]lqCyTM1bF6Q[/yt][/hide] It's Simon O'brien, a flatland BMX rider. I actually found the video because I was looking for the song (amazing song btw, the name is in title). When I started to watch it I was just amazed. Some of it is really insane, like around 2:40. Any fan of biking should check this out, its absolutely ridiculous.
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