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  1. Started playing World of Warcraft now in the last 7-8 months. I play on the Draenor server.

  2. My guild is 9/12 (10 man guild), got some solid attempts on Cho'gall, but we could only bring him down to about 3.3-3.8m hp if I remember correctly. Either our dps is not enough or it seems hard for heals to keep up at that point. Seems like we just need to get a good run where everyone's corruption isn't sky high. If one person's corruption isn't high, some others have it, so it gets annoying. People need to dodge shadow crashes and kite the bloods more =p.
  3. Yeah that's what I mean. The i3 is a fine processor for the new low-end market of today, it's just with the graphics portion of that laptop he shouldn't game.
  4. Doesn't the Intel Core i3 have 2 cores with an integrated graphics card? If you want to play games you better not get such a craptastic laptop unless you want to cry, just warning you.
  5. Because it's search and destroy?
  6. There is no airplane graveyard map. Fuel is set in a huge oil refinery with lots of open space but also some buildings to go into it looks like. The trailer said it was overgrown-like big or a little bigger.
  7. Finally got 10th prestige. Kind of late but I took a break from this game for a few weeks earlier. Definitely more fun now though than before. Seems like there's less bullcrap. Looking forward to the double-exp weekends on the memorial day weekend and the weekend of the resurgence map pack release. Can get to level 70 and start working on challenges, titles, emblems, attachments, etc. Won't have to lose my Ninja Pro or Cold-Blooded any more=D. Resurgence map pack looks pretty awesome. I can tell I'm going to like fuel. Seems to be a huge map with lots of pathways and tricks to learn to get around the map, and I'm really good at learning sight lines and tricks.
  8. I got really frustrated with nomad when the quest came out. I never had enough brews or rocktails left most of the time. I couldn't get by with a war tort. I used the first method with the bgs this time, and set it up just like you set it up,but with a pack yak instead. It worked well and I was left with 8 and 1/4 brews, 4 super restores, iron titan pouch & scrolls, and a rocktail. So finally I had beaten nomad, and according to what I had left I would have lost if I never got my pack yak during bonus xp weekend lol. My bgs specs never hit even potted and pietied.
  9. Safespot mentioned in the guide doesn't work anymore. Now you have to just catch them on the end of the same rock but they will not come down if you go right and left in that area, and if they do come down there will be no place where they get stuck for a safespot. You have to go up a bit and when the drops come you have to pray when they respawn so you don't get owned. Either that or you can use the ladder or one of the rock walls near the ladder.
  10. This is a terrible idea Jagex. There is no excuse in my mind, NO EXCUSE, for doing something like this. RuneScape has always been about keeping a level playing field and this is just giving a huge advantage to certain players. Even though holiday events were limited time events, they never give real in-game advantage to your skill levels. I deeply detest Mod Fnord now.
  11. I assume you mean M16A4, and you just need to get the hang of burst firing it. If you use stopping power then you only need 2 shots to hit. It's a good weapon but requires good user accuracy as it is not as easily spammable as say, LMGs or the automatic assault rifles. Holographic sight has a glitch that has a tighter spread so the bullets don't go off horizontally as much, so when you unlock that, try to get the hang of it. I've been using the Holographic Sight FAL lately, which has a glitch that makes it 55-40 when using that sight. So with stopping power, it's a two shot kill from any distance. You can bling the Holo too and the glitch still works, with say, a silencer, FMJ, or extended mags. Might be an intended glitch for balancing.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIIwor0KPKw#movie_player Epic montage. I've had some of this BS happen to me, and I've suicided with a stinger a bunch of times because I was moving through the level trying to get a lock on a moving harrier :razz:
  13. Cha0sx

    Selfish breeding

    overcrowded. are you SRS. Definitely 100% yes. Wow lol. Thats kind of ignorant. We have so much of the world left. You really honestly believe you're being selfless not having kids? Thats pretty messed up. Agreed. The world isn't overpopulated at all - its an excuse made up by people too selfish to admit the real problem: wealth distribution. And yes, I think not having kids is selfish...sometimes. I can accept that not everyone is meant to have kids, some people just won't make good parents, or have other priorities, etc. But I do think people who get married(in my mind putting themselves into a prime child-raising environment) are selfish to not have kids. Look at what they say: "I want to enjoy my own life, I don't want kid's to ruin it." That's pretty selfish to me - having children is the greatest gift and the most selfless on anyone can give to the world. How is a child the greatest gift to the world? I guess you are emotional and think they are cute and pure spirited, but in logical terms bringing a child into the world has responsibilities. They require resources to feed, clothe, educate, and other things. It's not selfish or selfless to have a child. I don't understand how you could define it that way, it's more like something you need to take responsibility for. If you don't take care of your child and just reap certain benefits you get, then I'd guess I'd say that's selfish, at least.
  14. Cha0sx

    Selfish breeding

    Hmm, are you reading my mind? This is something I was just thinking of. It's not a choice whether we are born, and that seems kind of unfair at times, even though we all know life as a whole is unfair, but even the stage between life and nonexistance is unfair. it isn't a choice to come into a world of suffering. Imagine the children that are born just because some horny parents living in extreme poverty irresponsibly had sex. I mean, the kid doesn't get a say, but he's dropped into a world of incredible suffering. I feel this is extremely unfair to the child, and that there should be laws on having children. Parents should be responsible for their child. I mean, if you are not ready for the responsibilities but you are say, against any form of birth control or birth prevention, then it's a pretty annoying thing to discuss with such a hard headed person. I mean, the child needs a certain level of stability. No one deserves to be born into a situation of constant pain. I guess you could say even in developed nations sometimes parents are terrible and leave the child alone or abuse them, but this is not the same as depriving them of physical needs. I believe that poorer people should have laws that limit the amount of children they can have, maybe based on income or something.
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