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  1. 99 Range and some drops from the same task. :D That makes 99 number two in 11 ish years of playing (going by holiday items). Slowly but surely becoming less of a noob.
  2. The starfish override is at 1.2m but wont sell for 500k at the moment.
  3. Finally got this: Which meant I could get this: Finally done with this awful skill. |^_^|
  4. Askthedude


    Too drunk to.drive home, waiting for it to pass. Sent a message to my ex asking where shes goimg tomorrow so i dont see her, regretting it already
  5. Askthedude


    Perhaps I'm reading this wrong, but who is spited by your doing pushups? I read it as he got angry and did pushups to relieve the anger. Got nice and tanned and slightly burnt today at a water park with my niece. Not sure how to feel about it.
  6. Rs runs fine on my i3 2.1ghz cpu. Its the igpu thats holding him back.
  7. Askthedude


    Chicken, lettuce and mayo in a baguette. Best sandwich ever. Which reminds me, i've got a whole chicken in the freezer that i need to roast, anyone got any tried and tested amazing recipes?
  8. Askthedude


    Nuke it from orbit. Saw my ex last night so naturally i dreamt about her and woke up feeling like crap for it<_< Getting a hair cut now and then i might go for a swim cause its bloody boiling.
  9. Askthedude


    I'm waiting in 30 degree sun for a memory card to be delivered. I ordered it last week but they didnt send it in time before the move to my new flat so im stuck with waiting pretty much all day outside the old one. Im rather bored and its [bleep]ing hot. :(
  10. Two quick things i've noticed after the forum update. The back to top button no longer appears. The next page button does that function if you're on the last page of a topic but if you're not then there's no way to get back to the top without having to scroll all the way back up which is slightly annoying. Hide tags open themselves in a new window/tab (depending on your browser) instead of on the same page like they used. Just wondering if there's anyway you guys can sort these issues out. Thanks.
  11. And no back to the top button on the mobile version. :mad:
  12. Askthedude


    Why? I only want to buy sweets and ocasional junk food that I love from when I used to go to america for holidays.
  13. What's with everyone hating denim shorts? Nothing wrong with something like that in my opinion.
  14. Askthedude


    Today i found a shop that sells american foods. Bought some sour skittles and some nerds. Was almost about to buy some fruit loops but 11 is too much, and pop tarts but im suppost to be dieting and getting in shape :(
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