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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Ahh, kk. Well I don't really mind, as long as I help even the tinniest bit, I am happy. I am 100% sure that there are better guides than this, this just how I did it.
  3. Well a brute force attack worked for me =P, any how, this guide was written 1-2 days after the quest came out, I am sure there are many other methods that are much better than mine. My guide was more so to prove that it can be done with average/below average stats. mckinzy5, I take it your talking to Doc_Roe3?
  4. I'd recommend the 125- if you have trouble with the 125+ method. Goodluck
  5. I'd say so, it has a massive stab bonus, so try that. Read around for how to use the z spear.
  6. Some prices are out of date and no longer profit. Also, 1k feathers can be bought from Ava in Draynor.
  7. Maybe, all depends on if you can finish him quick enough that you don't need a tort full of food.
  8. Didn't know they were for sale. I read someone post that he was able to get both colors by doing the drop trick. Strange that you can't get another cape if you the first one. You might have a cape in your house cape rack, I found that I had a blue cape in there even tho I had bought it from him using the drop trick. So now I have 2 blue and 1 red one. If it is in your house, you will be unable to buy another one off him until you have no capes at all, including the one in your house.
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