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  1. Dragon Pickaxe. http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/Dragon_p ... ?obj=15259
  2. Yeah, it' been there for months. I have an old pic that I thought I posted here on the REAL WORLD MAP thread... It looks lighter than it was before, before it seemed more dark blue. :?
  3. Well, I hope jagex doesn't disappoint in 2010. 2010 seems to be an epic year for all gamers. SO many good console games coming to ps3/360/wii. -- I like Andrew...
  4. What do you speak of from the RSOF. -.- I'm not a fan of this update, but I still enjoying watching the meltdown every week.
  5. I heard that gilded altars were nerfed? Only two people can altar at a time? saw on rsof... edit: also heard they nerfed Excalibur ...
  6. Lol, well... Glad I didn't renew :thumbdown: edit: Lol wut, new skill? :thumbup: :thumbup:
  7. Not exactly how I thought they would do this. Guess I gotta stay up until 3am-5am so I can change the name to what I want, before all the people register all the good names. Americans are gonna get screwed over :| (Especially PST like us) and thankfully my school doesn't start for 2 weeks. Or am I hopefully missing something?
  8. With the amount theese people seem to lose with some bugs, why even take that ANYWHERE?! Bringing 300m+ to new mini/anywhere is not very smart >.< Holy [bleep]! a paying customer expects the game they pay for to work? [cabbage] THAT'S SOME CRAZY STUFF! With the reduced amount of good updates, and the crazy amount of bugs, it's no wonder why people complain. Good grief...
  9. I don't know really... Not sure how many are in the game... if there's only 1 thousand total (obviously not) then no they're not overpriced. If there's over 1 million (obviously not) then they are overpriced :thumbdown:
  10. Why so buggy? why are they rushing such small updates... Not bad, I got on for a whole 10 minutes to buy supplies, make pet house, feeder and obelisk, put pets in my house and logged off :)
  11. Earliest pic I have :D --- Latest level, got a few days ago :D Might buy 99 prayer if d bones get to 2300 ea :-# prayer untrimmed > HP untrimmed :?: :?:
  12. first time ever having 100mil+ :D Not a merchant, never got any drops over 8mil (got one arma hilt split for 8mil way back)... Even though thanks to how lazy merchanting is and how ridiculously lucky some are it's not so great anymore -.-. next up, 1 billion :lol:. I'm keeping the cash because I'm going to be fishing for awhile.
  13. Probably nothing, maybe a high degree of crime the night before from those that really do believe the world is going to end... If something does indeed happen and if the world does end then I will just be pissed off that I didn't enjoy the day before :thumbdown: Sarah Palin will probably win the election then. :lol: No. I highly doubt that. Her party threw her under the bus after the elections and nobody wants to see a quitter running our country. You're right, we'll just keep electing frauds like Obama, another 8 years another repub fraud, another 8 years another dem fraud, demonize anyone that doesn't maintain the corruption!
  14. Why? don't wanna deal with random noobs I don't know who only talk to me when they need help.
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