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  1. Hello from an old member who doesn't really do anything much with RuneScape these days. Its really sad the forums are dying, but like many said - its just what happens and how the community changes. Regardless, I credit a lot to TIF. It sounds bullshitty, but getting to work and play alongside people to build the community through general means of just playing the game, organising events with TET or doing crew work, it gave me a lot skill-wise in order to deal with people as someone who considers themselves an introvert. It sparked the interest to get involved with tech as a career as a programmer, doubt it would of turned out the same without the influence the game and this community had on me. Long live the memories!
  2. (Hopefully this isn't double posting) I can't get onto Serpys FC, has it moved? Where do people frequent when playing these days? Wanted to come on and say hello! Otherwise, I hope you're well and wish you a very happy new year. :)
  3. Now that you've come of age, you should know the following things:

    1. Drazhor


      Everybody loves the irish, even the irish.

      Uni is more fun when not living at home.

      You're sexy.

      It's your birthday.

      You should party cause it's your birthday.

      Have to sip absinthe like it's your birthday.

  4. Happy birthday! :D

  5. Happy birthday :)

  6. Sentry_Wolf


    Loving Dublin and college. Love to program. Loving all the action. :) Take that as dirty as you please.
  7. Me (the lad in the grey suit and black waistcoat/tie) and my best friends, my Debs (prom/grad/etc). :) I was recovering from food poisoning at the time, so I consider it a great achievement I'm standing! :P
  8. Sentry_Wolf


    Today I got an offer to college to study Computer Science. Delighted is not the word. :) I'm really excited. Nervous. But excited! Cannot wait haha!! New chapter baby. :)
  9. Wasn't excepting to see this at all! But delighted it has happened, two amazing additions. Really excited to things going forward for tip.it :)
  10. Sentry_Wolf


    Thank god for some friends. Would of had the most miserable two days of my life if not for being saved by the angels that is a friend. I do not like to complain as there is much better things to do, but dear god, never ever going camping at a beach again. Worst experience ever. Holy crap it was just dreadful. [/rant over, back to positiveness] Instead, was saved by friend and we had a DVD night. :) Ate ALL the food and watched Warhorse and This Means War. Both epic epic films!! Will never be so thankful for all I have in life and be able to sleep in a warm bed.
  11. Sentry_Wolf


    Yes, I came out as gay to my friend - and it went fantastically and I can safely say it made us a lot closer because we chatted about everything. :) Really helped things because it was a bit of a personal hell going through it but I think I'm on the right track now. To have someone show nothing but love and support where they could easily go very nasty towards you is just unbelievable. Did you never mention it before here? I swear I remember you saying something about it at some point....perhaps just my imagination. Congrats at any rate. I don't think I've ever said anything too public about, I've always been quiet. But I give the.. vibe? I dunno. I have a lot to thank to some people on TIF because they were the ones to go to when things were tough and I felt I had zero people IRL to talk to. Mightn't be in the same position/here at all without the help from some truly wonderful individuals. :)
  12. Sentry_Wolf


    Today, I came out to my male best friend IRL. :) Something I've never opened up on TIF publicly before to but I'm so delighted I literally can't contain it. I love life.
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