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  1. Well, I fail. Didn't realize I had to kill a Jogre for Karamja Easy Diary. :(
  2. I have a few. I Earn Plate Party For My I know I have more, I just can't remember them for the life of me. #-o
  3. Little update for everyone: I've done Seers Easy Diary. Getting requirements for Karamja Easy. (15 Agility and 35 Fishing left) Mine and N Odie's Farming runs are always at the same time lol... I got 45 Mining and 41 Farming Gonna get the 50 Kudos from the Museum in Varrock to do the Varrock Easy Diary. So yeah, that's about it. I'll be on all day! Legs
  4. We always do our Farming runs at the same time, lol. :thumbup:
  5. Wow your new signature looks really good, did you just put a black outline around you everything? Because it looks very effective. Yeah all it is is a black outline. It takes forever though, gonna do my Mining one right now. :)
  6. It looks really good! Like really, really good! Thanks! :D Oh and there was a chicken somewhere in the wildy that we threw in the lava. [email protected]@@@@@@@[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]
  7. Nice Sweetcorn. :XD: Congrats Smelly. 10/10.
  8. I just passed you in Catherby bank while I was farming. I didn't know you were a Tip.It member. :oops: Ha, yep, I am. :thumbup:
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