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    yes, that is absolutely not true. go for it, but remember to post some good drop pics plz.
  2. i was going to do 18-50 rc on water's but i just checked the GE graphs which tell me i shouldn't because it looks like they will crash. now i have a few questions: 1. will the water's really crash? i am not very good at reading GE graphs. i will post a picture of the water graph and a graph of rune essence below. 2. if the answer to question #1 is no, then is getting 18-50 rc on waters a good idea? 3. if the answer to question #1 is yes, then what can i do to get it up without losing too much money?
  3. 10/10 for bank and stats (99 pray is real nice).
  4. welcome to tif (tip it forums). you can also enter the official unofficial tip.it clan chat: lady heinous. hope to see you there. Alksei
  5. i am not dropping any parts of the skull scepter. i have been trying for over an hour now. have gotten 300+ kills but haven't gotten one part. i have tried the flesh crawlers and the minotaurs, but nothing. tbh, i am really getting pissed off. so if someone could help me, i would appreciate it.
  6. lol i get the same thing. its the start page. where the thing always rotates. great job rawk. it sounds like you're quitting though...
  7. just check in tip.it for all the itmes that you aren't sure if they are re obtainable. if they are drop them. i have read that you are already f2p, so i would say keep everything that's worth a lot. or get members again and sell it.
  8. Little RWTer. Shame on him. Shame on the hacker too. Anyone else LOL at 3:00 when Jagex said they try to return stuff? Bet someone got fired over that, they have a strict "no return" policy. actually to be honest...even though i was the one that posted this vid, i got hacked that exact same way. i know im a [developmentally delayed]. you dont need to tell me.
  9. [/hide]funny its the same way for me doesn't it go away during a quest?
  10. my cd/dvd reader drive isn't reading any games anymore. any computer games i put in it, it usually: a. does not read it at all. (doesn't see it, i checked explore but it just says the normal drive name) b. reads it but doesn't open it (autoplay is on, but it doesn't open. secondly i can see the disc in explore) if i manually try to start it, it either: 1. lags so bad i have to restart 2. doesn't do anything c. (this one only happened on a very old game. the other games that i tried were rather new) reads it, opens it. but fails in installing it. i've had two types of install fails: 1. it stops at whatever % installed, shows an error message, and closes 2. it fully installs but has some kind of real big graphical failure so you cannot play at all i have already tried many things. i have checked the device manager, which i didn't fully understand, but i was told to change something which didn't work. and have been searching on google for a way to fix my problem for an hour now, but haven't found anything suitable that relates to my problem. so if someone has another idea i'd be glad if someone told me what to do. if that idea would have to do with the device manager i would need a detailed explanation though because i don't understand it as i said. by the way, it reads all other cd's fine. music cd's, dvd's, and whatever i throw at it. its just the games. it can even still burn cd's, its just the games.
  11. oooooooooooh. unspam: Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click .
  12. i did it for 3 months straight on my old main. went from 81-89 range from it. was going for 99 but got hacked. <_< 8/10. because i know how boring it is.
  13. 9/10. those are some hard goals you set yourself. good luck.
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