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  1. and im tired of people like u, they ruined a game, thats all i have to say... I ruined the game because im sick and tired of rsc players saying "oh i wish i could go back in time to when there were more macroers etc", i played rsc but i dont go on as if it makes me a god/gives me the right to be nostalgic in the runescape 2 general forum. Shut up. i didnt say you, they is many people, jagex, autoers, young kids, etc... and if u had actually played rsc and gotten to a decent level you would understand.... im level 93 in rsc and loved it, i just want to be able to play again.... now u can see how many levels ive got in rs2... and i can be nostalgic anywhere i f-in want to, u act like i made the topic, get a life and grow up PS-there are more autoer these days, back then 30k people played MAX, now over 200k play.... RS is just bigger, but they are around, and they hurt RS2 even more than rs1by making jagex make more randoms.... :thumbup: Select a use, your hate of nostalgia isn't doing anything any good, let them reminisce, I for one have enjoyed reading about runescape classic as I used to play a little back in the day.
  2. We. Can't. Predict. The. Future. Thanks Captain Obvious. :shock: Well I was hoping someone could give me an educated gusse, but I'm glad we have a comedian on the forum. :blink:
  3. Blew my mind, haha great work on this thanks! :thumbsup:
  4. Any advice on santa hats? Will they crash, time to sell ect?
  5. I never thought that we would have a trade limit. I never thought we wouldn't be able to get what players dropped when they died. I also never thought that 100k wouldn't get me squat.
  6. I really want to try a celtic knot puzzle it looks fun :D but first I'll have to get a elite clue scroll haha.
  7. There is one pretty simple solution. GTFO ... really. If you're not happy stop complaining all the time (YES I AM WATCHING YOU ... ALL OF YOU ... SILENTLY IN THE CORNER ... anyways back to .. >) it's getting old =/. Stop complaning about people complaning about valid things.
  8. :D Sounds like film mode in halo 3 to me.
  9. I figure they muted him because he wasted Jagex's and the police's time. Anyway good to hear thier doing something.
  10. I'm the same my memory's horrible but i'm good at math, I can't spell to well though.
  11. Could a hair go fast enough to penentrate the skull? How about water vapour thats heated to 16 degrees.
  12. It's so harsh it made me laugh :wall: , don't get me wrong though I think its horrible. On the other hand farmville's sending its profits to Hati. :thumbup:
  13. Any ideas on wha will happen to santas, they don't seem to be moving at the moment :P
  14. Sorry if I ddi'nt make this clear but I will be a skiller account so swan song is unavalible to me. Also it's a new account and I am mainly in this for the money.
  15. How long would it take to get 99 fishing from 40 fishing, if I was a member. I would start of fishing lobsters till 50 fishing then I would fish swordfish and tuna at level 50, and finally I would get 76-99 by fishing sharks at the fishing guild. I probably wont do swan song.
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