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  1. i died once when i forgot to bring the mirror shield doing some slayer, i got connection lost when i found out my mistake and died. Lost some dragonstuff and obby shield cape etc - stuff for like 1.5 mil totaly. Went back and found out some lvl 80 random wear my stuff and laughting at me. When i asked just go get my shield(obby) back (had dubble of the other things in bank) he used a tele directly to get away. so, after this my first instinct is to try to give it back if its possible. So before you thinking about to keep everything. Remember, maybe you die sometime as i did and i know it should make you alot happier if the pile jumper gave it back to you then ran away. Just something to think about...
  2. meili dident i have you added back in rsc? remember your name.
  3. Sorry i ruined your day by making this thread then, but if you dont like it noone force you to read it, have a nice day.
  4. sold my first party hat for 100 gp, took place in my bank :)
  5. Really good list there! Alot of good friends you have listed, some guys i would like to add though - unbeaten and josh :) edit: Another good memory was the big war in rsc, there where many but one that was something speciall. Scandinavian VS the world :D hundreds of players in each team fought for many hours that day.
  6. Hey, just came back from a 3 year old runescape break. Quitted when my old account got banned but after some years i missed rs agian and created a new account for soon 2 months ago. I got kinda stun when i saw how much rs has changed and how much the game has grow. When i first started play rs there only was 4 servers, all US. Now its over 130 servers all over the world. I also found out how much rare items are worth now, back in the old days high lvl gave party hats for free to low lvls just to be nice and becource they missed the drop. I have a hard time finding out that would happend now. Another kinda fun story is that everyone that verbal abuse the chat system got teleportet to a black room and there Paul himself was waiting for you, and have a talk with you about right and wrong :) Well what i really wana find out is if people remember or even heard of the old legends that dosent play anymore but there name should live forever. Number one must be zonghui that i hope everyone, even new players heard of. So, do you remember some old players that should live forever? name them :) Or just tell some storys that you think new players that never been playing rsc found kinda fun to read, and know how it was at the old days of runescape classic. // nick
  7. New question: Where can i sign up for affliction?
  8. naa its kinda easy to get, all my other skills sucks.
  9. im combat 98 right now, maybe something for me then.
  10. Hey, only been playing rs for 2 months now and for a couple of days ago a friend told me that i should try pest control. Ive been reading the guide here on tip it so i know a little about it. Well, is it only to go there and join a group of people? And what should i do as a beginner there, just run and try to defeat the portals? Well, any advice i appreciate alot. Thanks
  11. Ive done plague city but dropped my gasmask for a while ago, and now i need to get into west ardougne agian for a clue. I saw a person just walk though the woodengates but i cant, any advice?! tyvm
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