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  1. Anyone figure out a use for its prayer restore function? I don't see any use for the armour.
  2. I still like the maze but some of the more annoying ones need to go: Sandwich lady, drunken dwarf, old man, etc.
  3. It took me almost 2 hrs to get 100 pts so thanks to the slowness of pc/boat leaving the docks, I will be back to strictly slayer from now on. Will give me a chance to get up to 78 slayer and get some nice drops.
  4. Ive been using Fighter hat, cause if u dont hit u dont have any damage lol.
  5. Flesh crawlers shouldnt be hittin u all that much. I trained on them to get my whip stats.
  6. I always tell "kids" that a "true" friend will never ask to borrow anything of value ( only occasional rune wh for clues, etc). If u get a friend that wants to borrow a high dollar item, just say no. If he begs then put him on the "Ignore" list. My gf let me borrow her dskirt while doing Haunted Mines cause that demon dude was kickin my behind but otherwise I have never borrowed any high dollar stuff other than a d axe. They know I can afford my own and have trusted them with lots of ores, etc. Just remember some villans will build up trust only to break it later. That is why most of my friends are adults that I talk to in RL also.
  7. In regards to deathhead's question. I have a bad habit of not checking my kingdom every day. I usually end up with a ton of herbs to idea and some major bank space pains. It is good to do them once a day and check with Bert for the free sand but I neglect both (even with a house in Yanille). One good thing about Kingdom is that if someone hacks ur account, they usually dont bother checkin out ur kingdom so u can hide some of ur millions in there for security.
  8. How did the update effect the prices of selling runes and obby items to make tokkuls? I never did the buy low sell high trick. Mostly just use mine for slayer dude and gem mining.
  9. I have done PC, Zogres (brutal arrows, turn in keys at chest), and Dbones at Ecto and Gilded altar. Is there a good guide out there for trainin prayer?
  10. Why dont they make so that lvl 3 accounts with get more randoms that require a very difficult random to thwart? One they cant run away from. Its rediculous how much time I spend reporting them.
  11. I did PC this am. I went straight to 78 since it is always hoppin. We lost four games but boat had no wait time. I went to world that my clan was at and only lost 1 game but had some wait time for boat to leave. I think it is great that we have 3 boats now. I don't like the reduced xp for mage and range. 90% of the time I range from the tower on the purple portal with my crystal bow(s). I use the pc cash to recharge my bow. It is lot more relaxing then running around the board. Someone had a great idea of giving zeal pts in Melee, Range and Mage. I hope they consider that idea.
  12. My gripe was mainly that it looks like the old ore rock (which I preferred lol). If I was directing the post to frivolous spenders, I would have changed the subject title. I think Santa hats, phats and the like should belong to those that were playin when they came out. I personally spend my money on the best armour (Guthan's, Veracs), weapons (whip, dds), skills (logs, pure essence, bs), etc.
  13. I was at CW trying to sell some stuff and saw a guy with two capes - fishing and cooking (wow im impressed) using Ring of Stone. The ring makes u look like one of the old rocks once I has been mined. Can't they update the graphics so it looks like the current one with the veins in it? Why do idiots waste their money on it in the first place.
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