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  1. Are you me? srsly? im 40k off 85 slayer, and 100k off 97 attack atm O_O EDIT: Gratz btw 10/10 =p
  2. Nub for gratzing me on fire cape at dagannoths! gratz on ur fire cape again Don't die to a cave crawler :-w
  3. I thought it was 11 30 when i woke up, but nooo it was 12 30, i missed almost the whole thing, thanks for the event shey :D OMG another nzer ^
  4. Wow, I just love how you tell your stories, everytime i see an update from you, I just must read it =p They are very entertaining, keep up the good storytelling =p Best of luck =D>
  5. Good luck on 91, Runecrafting is just too...tedious for me
  6. Gratz man! thats quite some achievement =p
  7. Well, I've never seen a speed run in runescape before, so I thought i would do a speed run on a puzzle box Enjoy, Post your feedback here, or on my vid =p
  8. Why is everything you say slightly negative? On Topic: Very nice trip :> DK's hasn't been very nice to me lately
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