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  1. Remember there is more to runescape than pvp, go and try something else and i'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much. try buy your dbones lower 1gp lower than 1gp you could only buy 3k per 15 mins so bulk selling is affected skilling is afected (pkers bought the majority of skill produce dont even argue its very obvious) Refrain from posting on this thread. Thanks.
  2. Once I again i'll repeat, this thread is for the sole purpose of only the positive effects of the new update. Anything else can be taken elsewhere.
  3. This post has nothing to do with the topic, nothing positive about it.
  4. didn't you post yesterday saying that this was the death of monster killing? The solution to Monster killing is lootshare. If players don't appreciate lootshare then simply don't go monster killing. =; The game changes, and along with that, you, the player, must as well.
  5. When I get a chance to take a break from herblore ill head to F2P Yews, must be 100% empty except with legitiment players.
  6. Thanks, yep 10/10 for sure. * Off topic, Nice Prayer Lvl! Good luck on 99, took forever for me to get there.
  7. To me, this update is amazing. It rids of all RWT 100%. Pkers still have a place to PK without RWT. New Clan Wars sounds alot of fun. I couldn't asked for a better update. Discuss how you like this update. My points - - Player to Player trading is better! Less scamming and better price control. - The wilderness is more exciting with new monsters and minigames. - RWT is extinct. - No annoying bots. \ Jagex \ *** Post only positive remarks about the update. There are many threads allready that are against this. Thanks for respecting these wishes and showing you are civilized.
  8. Stats are pretty even, I give those a 5/10. Bank could be worked on, 3/10 for that. Your on the right path, best of luck!
  9. Exactly. :lol: Dont you mean always as in all of the past day to day and a half? #-o YA, thats right, I saw you sell your purple for 160m :wink: O:) Me? :-w
  10. Hehe, its good exp just very boring. Your all alone with the only humans in sight are pures running past you maybe once every other hour. Now that I think of it, I got 98 mage about an before I posted this. You need roughly 1.3m exp from 98-99 mage. Right now it says I need 898k. So its quite fast.
  11. Hey there Lara, you've done an amazing job. I've always been tracking you down since as long as I can remember, never had the honour of meeting you. You've been my favorite player without a doubt and an inspiration. My nose brown enough yet? Message me on Tip.it if you'd like to meet.
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