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  1. I had around 6K tickets when I left. For me it's not the rewards or anything that matters really besides the high level gameplay. So if that's messed up, then eh. I don't even have my combat account anymore anyways. And lol at bronze dominating a world =P
  2. Me looking at forum: Oh cool, 47 posts! This should be fun to read. Me now: =\
  3. Well part of what's shocking to me is how fast it happened. What I'm mainly talking about is high level combat stuff. Prices, techniques for bosses, drops...along with dungeoneering it is an awful lot to take in. Suddenly DKs are incredibly popular again. Who knew that would ever happen. And it's good to know that the one thing that would ever bring me back to members (Castle Wars) is messed up now. Much less incentive.
  4. I stopped playing this game a year or so ago, and have come back now to find it just a completely different game. I read people's posts and I can't even understand 90% of the acronyms anymore. It's crazy. I'm glad I don't have any members/combat accounts anymore because I think I would just be scared off by all the changes. There isn't really a point to this thread, just for me to say...wow. Also, do you think this game is better now than it was a year ago?
  5. Whoo grats mr. :D Got a cool cape now. Now you can turn on ancients and we can finally play some CW again. !baconator is that how you do it???????
  6. Thanks everyone. : And like Toast said, I don't care about how much money I lose on the shield, hell, I lost 30m on my arma and zgs and I don't regret buying them, it's a lot more fun to have good items to use.
  7. Like the title says. I'm a little burnt out on CW now, probably going to sell all my gear (armadyl top + bottom, ZGS) and slay some and make money. The main goal is to get an Arcane or Spectral Spirit Shield. Rate or whatever. :arrow:
  8. yessssssss im gonna be the first to congratulate you on 98 farming
  9. If I had seen this topic I wouldn't have wondered where you had gone. :P Shame that you've gone, have fun doing whatever it is you've been doing though.
  10. Mostly w6/24/82/131/157 (cw worlds) with a good amount of soloing on random worlds.
  11. When was the last time you even played CW? :P
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