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  1. *pokes head in* dont recognize too many people here anymore, but is nice to see a couple familiar faces glad f2p is still going strong logged in today for the first time in a looong time... eyes bulged at rare prices, and logged back out. still have no desire to finish the skills left for 99, happy about that at least
  2. The list that's currently on Runehead will remain unchanged. I'll change the title/description of the list so viewers know that it was the last standing of the top f2pers before the Dungeoneering skill. I also have records of all list updates since May 2008, so I will try to make those available for everyone to see.
  3. with today's new skill update, i would like to step down as the official list updater-person. as i'm sure you can all tell, i haven't been updating it as often as i had before, simply because i haven't had the desire or interest in RS as much. if you are interested in taking over the role, please send me a PM and a decent explanation as to why you think you'd do a good job maintaining the list. if you are chosen, i will provide you a list of all the top f2p names that have been collected over the years along with tidbits of info that may help keep the list going.
  4. list updated many new names added http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=topf2pers&skill=Overall
  5. i havent been able to connect to runehead in the past day or so, which is why i didnt update the list. once i can load the page, i'll update the names and stats
  6. i dont have time for a proper update tonight, so i've only updated the stats of those already on the list. tomorrow i will include the new names and get it all accurate-ish.
  7. list was updated last night, but forums wouldn't load for me to post (which also meant i didn't see that list of addtl names to add) those names will be added in for the next update.
  8. list updated http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=topf2pers&skill=Overall
  9. list updated - http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=topf2pers&skill=Overall Amiricle removed (p2p)
  10. save your vouchers for Labour Bills for later in the game. You get used to building 5 things at once, and it's hell going down to 2 at a time
  11. list updated: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=topf2pers&sort=overall
  12. i know of one f2per with nearly 90 phats, and another with 500 santas. Thanks for bursting my bubble. Ill go get my coat. Cab for upthebanner!!! no need to have your bubble burst - 300m is doing very well. the people i mentioned above don't even play anymore so you can forget about them
  13. i know of one f2per with nearly 90 phats, and another with 500 santas.
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