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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Picking SJ isn't risky because SJ should be a great team, but they seem to choke during playoffs. I think the Wings are better right now, and even if you don't think Jimmy isn't as good as Quick, Jim is still a great goaltender. I also think Thornton historically plays bad against the Wings; as long as they can stay out of the box.
  3. John, your lack of faith in Detroit upsets me. VAN - 6 DET - 6 WSH - 7 PHI - 6
  4. I think I still prefer Chrome, but Firefox 4 looks promising and I'm ecstatic to see HTML 5 and CSS 3 breaking out. :thumbup:
  5. Course I like the color purple now! It might be my new favorite. =P

  6. Just as an fyi, this worked; thanks John. <?php $str = $use['value']; $order = array(' ', '&'); $replace = array('-', 'and'); $newstr = str_replace($order, $replace, $str); echo $newstr; ?>
  7. Which is what's happening, so instead I want to change spaces :arrow: "-" and "&" :arrow: "and" within the string. Like if I have a page www.website.com/home-projects-and-hobbies/ but the string is "home projects & hobbies", how can I change it to use the dashes (as well as "&" to "and")?
  8. I'm using a php loop that creates the links here: Code that makes the links: <a href="<?php echo Mage::getBaseUrl();?><?php echo $use['value'] ?>"><?php echo $this->htmlEscape( $use['value'] ) ?></a> Important part from above: <?php echo $use['value'] ?> $use['value'] is used for the end of the url, for example www.website.com/candlemaking The trouble is when $use['value'] has spaces or &
  9. I'm looking for some help with converting special characters within a string to a different character. Current Code: <?php echo $use['value'] ?> $use is an array ['value'] is the string within the array I'm taking the data from $use['value'] and using it in a URL. The problem is if $use['value'] is something like "Home Projects & Hobbies" the URL gets messed up; it will look like /Home%20Projects%20&%20Hobbies. So, if possible, I want to write a little script that will take the spaces of the string and convert them into "-" and take the "&" symbol and convert it into "and".
  10. Hey there, Thanks for your submission. This has been fixed and you've been credited.
  11. I'm not talking about widgets, more so something like rainmeter; something that completely changes the setup and look of a desktop. I have 4gb ram (I bought it myself ;)) Edit: this is really cool [hide][/hide] Any idea if there's someway to get an OSX Exposé like feature on windows?
  12. Lately I've been interested in Desktop modifications, but I don't really know anything about them; where to get them, how to implement them or what possibilities I have. I run Windows 7 (on a macbook (shouldn't make a difference)) and I'm interested in anything really, at least trying new features. My questions are: How much, if anything, will this slow down my computer? What harm can this do to my computer, I'm sure there's something and can I find free open source mods? Thanks in advanced
  13. I would have liked a larger blog to read, but reading through was a really great feeling of nostalgia as I started playing in middle-late 2002. Good times, I remember when Dragon Slayer was in development and it was like the legendary grandmaster quest to come!
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