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  1. Eh, technically I didn't watch it per say, as much as I saw it. It wasn't really a video ad you would see before a YouTube video, just a picture advertisement with a counter attached to it, so ya I flipped back over to play Monopoly Millionaires. Lol. But ya, again, despite most 'die-hard' gamers/rs'ers hatred/dislike of SoF, paired with everything you mentioned about the win for both parties involved, its hard to be surprised by this.
  2. IDK, Wtf just happened, or if this old news, but in a quick skim of page 1 I didn't see it, and clan had no idea what I was talking about...so....here it is: === I had just completed Circus for this week, and received my bonus SoF spin from it...So I use it, get and claim a thieving lamp, when I noticed a button below the 'buy more spins' or w/e button. The button was labeled 'Earn free spin'. So I click on 'Earn free spin' and it basically popped up and advertisement for the Axe bodyspray deodorant line of products that we all know. It stayed on the screen for 30 or 45 seconds and had a timer count down the whole time. Obviously I didn't wanna watch it so I tried to click the 'back' button on this advert, leading me to receive a "Are you sure you want to forfeit your free item?" message. So I hung out the final 20 or so seconds to recieve my spin, after clicking continue to have it take me back to the game/SoF it had the SoF "prize you won" screen showing as if I had just won Queens Royal Legs or w/e they are called. I tried to claim this item, and it wouldn't let me since, "I have no prize to claim". So I just clicked play again, and used that "Freely earned advert spin" and won 20 gold ore. === So I ask you this, did I somehow see this to early / while they are still testing this? (Hence the wierd shit with the queens royal legs) Or is this gonna be showing up tomorrow or sometime rather soon? (Viewing an advert a Day to earn a free bonus SoF Spin?)
  3. turnout depends largely on which boss we're doing but I think last sara event had a good 40 people or so. Armadyl last week went on for about 4 hours before the last of us were forced to tele Edit: Also two hours until event start! :thumbsup: ah, didn't think itd still be that many in the past, (cuz id imagine most of these other posts had about as many responses as this one?) Maybe ill just take a steel titan or 2 and an invy of goodies and that should help me last several hours less / tele earlier. (lord knows bring 8-10 yaks will work for everyone else but me in this situation) =p
  4. I MIGHT actually be able to attend the first one of these mid day weekend things in the past (however long this has been revived for) of trying! Trick will just be to finish up my hours worth of mining/mining ring and remembering to gear up and go get KC instead of bankstanding. lol EDIT: O, forgot to ask...how Big our the Turnouts for these usually / How long will this trip last for? I have to head into work about 2-2.5hours after start time. And If i have to force myself to tele out, I will likely be late with me and my 'o just 1 more kill' 50 times mindset. :wall: :wall: :wall:
  5. Like Kaida, I too am actually at work right now. However, I went ahead and voted "NO, Its blocked" even though I think all 3 of the middle choices best apply to me. Do I think its morally wrong, especially when abused, yes. (especially with how often I see some of my coworkers doing non work related things *cough* facebook *cough*) Do I think theres a problem with taking a few minutes here and there during slow points of the day to do something on RS, No. --- Since being hacked the other day, I am trying the best I can to get back on my feet, and so if I could have logged on 2 or 3 times here at work and planted / harvested my 18 Morchella mushrooms a couple of times, that sure wouldnt have taken more then a minute or so, and wouldnt have hurt that goal or work productivity. (though I likely woulda done a few quick flips and made a few mil in there was well...but still, thats besides the point! ;))
  6. LMFAO. HOW TRUE! I think this sums it up best. Afterall, until today, I think the introduction of a 'discontinued rare item' was the oldest thing mentioned on this thread. Oddly fitting.
  7. Looks like this happened a couple hours ago tops? / Today? Guess that makes it have no relation at all to me being hacked/recovered a few days ago then? (not sure which answer I want to hear, seeing as how they will likely still hold the same end result.)
  8. This. This. And while we are at it...Inb4 this ends up being very D&D like (or new super bork) like content. Maybe it will be like Mushroom/Tree patches, and she wakes up every 4-12 Hours, so you can kill her a couple times a day.
  9. SUOMI for Disappoint! :thumbdown: http://i.imgur.com/QOiuF.jpg
  10. Nice work Bruno! Drum Approves! :thumbup: Only 67, believe it or not. If interested, http://forum.tip.it/topic/311223-theres-more-ways-to-bank-exp-then-just-effigies-%3B/
  11. So I have had a Goal for a while...To beat my Personal Best Daily Exp... Sounds easy right? Handful of Effigies I had laying around should do the trick? NOPE! Problem is...I kinda set the bar REALLY HIGH when I did Lvl 68-98 Summoning/11.8M Exp in a day... Pair that with the Effigy Nerf from a few months ago( :cry: )...and I knew I was going to have to Get real 'CREATIVE' if I was gonna stand a shot at this... [hide=So...After ALL of THIS...] 1) 90k Exp from claiming Cithara and Making Illuminated God Books. 2) Used Skoll boots and Caught some butterflies, ran a few laps, and went to circus...Got 97 agility. 3) Turned in some quests: Branches of Darkmayer, Clockwork Syringe, and Ritual of the Majahrat...Got 97 mining, 97 hunter. 4) Turned Temple Trek Reward Tokens into Exp Tombs...Got 97 Woodcut, 97 Fish. 5) Ran some Squirk Juice...Got 97 Theiving. 6) Used a few DG Tokens...Got 97 Dung. 7) 71 Zeal Turned in for ~550k Strength exp. (For shits and giggles, didnt know I had this till I got to SW lol) 8) Used 2 50k Books of Equilibrium and a Troll Invasion book for around 171k Pray exp. 9) 50 Penguin Points for ~122k Smithing. 10) Shattered Rock Turn in: ~133k Exp. (no con rocks...fml) 11) USED LOTS OF EFFIGIES! (67 in all.) GOT LVL 98 IN ALL SKILLS I JUST GOT 97! (Minus DG) (Also 98 FM, Cook, and RC) 12) Did Some WC/FM at Artic Pines with Skoll Boots on. 13) Ran ~5k Charms for about 2.4m Summoning Exp. 14) Relaxed a bit and did some Cooking/Mining at Citadel. [/hide] I was able to Achieve my Goal and End my Day like this... Which, come to find out...after Logging in today...was good enough yesterday for... So...I guess I came, I saw, and I conquered! :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :thumbsup: (P.S....Clan Just got T7 Citadel while I had to rewrite this a 2nd time. Thank God I had 2 Build ticks to use. :lol: )
  12. BEST [bleep]ING UPDATE EVER~!!~!~!~~!~ <3: <3: <3: <3: :ugeek: :blink: :shades: :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :thumbup: :thumbsup: :mrgreen: <3: <3: <3: <3: (Dead serious though) --- THough, it is sad that the best update of the past half year.....took half a year to do...when its been going on for almost 7 months!@!@! #-o #-o
  13. Thanks everyone replies. Especially Cow, since that is what I am mainly looking for. Got GF'd by the Effigy nerf, so I am looking for alternate ways to have a nice 10-15m+ exp day when I finally use my effigies, and my last few quests left to do seems like a good idea.
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