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  1. i remember the days when i'd have had 20 replies by now telling me not to be so inefficient! anyway, i tried it and it worked. got 25k xp from my weapon and didn't have to destroy it.
  2. i know Equipment Siphons can only be discovered and created at lvl 27 Invention, but since they're tradeable, can't i just buy one and use it at a lower level? thanks!
  3. so is there any way i can use my main account to pay for the membership of my new ironman account? cheers,
  4. just instasold 275x Silverhawk Feathers for a total price of 6,405,111 !!! mod edit: around 23k each feather
  5. Are they worth using over my trusty Zaryte Bow? i don't want to buy Ascensions yet... I've saved up 200 bones and 5k shards, which i could sell for ~23m, or turn into darts... how many should i expect to lose using Revolution? cheers!
  6. i've been hiring one each Party Animal, Sea-Fort Guard, and Pearl Diver at the same time, then training them up to level 6 before hiring another 1 each of the new crew at the same time again. in the time it takes to get them up to level 6 you should easily have rolled another 1 of each (and saved up 2250 cotta), so by the time you do get them to level 6, you have 3 new crew sitting there ready to be hired instantly. now that I've got 4 of each new crew, 6 at level 8 and 3 at level 7, i'll probably not wait till my newest crew reach level 6, since the other guys stats are high enough to compensate.
  7. what are the recommended binds for Hard Mode? i'll be soloing... cheers,
  8. ^^that appears after i attack a monster but i'm sure it used to be there before i clicked, like you say, just by hovering over it.
  9. i haven't done any combat in months and it seems like things have changed several times since then. how do i see the weakness of the monster i am about to attack? there used to be a whole window, then it changed so the weakness and level appeared when i hovered my pointer over the monster, now nothing. feel like i'm missing something obvious! cheers,
  10. strange, totally not working for me. I've still got the message in my chat box saying I have gained xp in 10 out of 10 skills, then the message saying my aura has depleted since I removed it before speaking to Xuan. now it's saying 22:28 until fully recharged, but Xuan won't give me my book!
  11. it didn't, he offered me the festive aura or whatever, as usual, then said the shop was closed
  12. i can't seem to claim my reward book today, because the shop is closed for refurbishment. can I claim it anywhere else or is that it, no JoT XP for a week? cheers,
  13. what's the difference between armour type "All" and armour type "Hybrid"? cheers,
  14. just sold a Death Lotus Chestplate instantly for default price (12,673,137 gp)
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