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  1. I tried getting an abyssal minion ever since they came out...one thing tho, I can't stand soul wars! I ended up stopping after 3 points and getting a crawling hand lol. But the new quest came out which gives 70 zeal which meant I was only 15 away from getting the minion. So I stopped crafting and went to play soul wars and after a few hours I finally got it! I started out 40k off 51m attack xp and after my final game I was like 350 xp off lol >.<. Back to getting 97 craft =[)
  2. :o thanks for the rate < 3 btw ellebreyals has 60 prayer... and cannoned.... doesnt count tbh I want 10 hp 70-99 range 1 prayer.... 1 defence Who made the rule of what a 10 hp pure is? Maybe a 10 hp pure is someone who did cannon their range? How do we know you didn't just crop a quest picture from another noob and put it over your list when you did use cannon? 1/10 i see you got 10 hp but nothing big
  3. I was going to get 99 ranged without chinning over 1m xp so I figured I will go to Anviansie's here is my setup: Is there any change I should do with inventory or armour? I plan on killing inside the lair where no saradomin monsters only zamorak are.
  4. WTF I want one :ohnoes: where you going to camp? Mages or demons gratz on 85 I call buying your first whip!
  5. 8/10 for getting the 400 points -2 for spending it on xp lol + 4 if you get the 400 points back and post helm :lol: goodluck getting it again \
  6. Was thinking about 25-30 fire capes while I go for 99 ranged *600k off 98*
  7. I'm stocking up on capes for new PVP had 9 yesterday. I was bored and had nothing to do so I decided try fight caves with my new 97 range. First try went well basically everything went perfect Jad was behind rock couldn't hit me and was doing a few 40-47s on jad with diamonds. The healers came out I got them on me right away, think only 1 healed Jad, anyway I brought them to the corner killed them all but 1 who got stuck on Jad. Then when I came back a new group healers spawned wasn't to much of a problem Jad didn't hit me once. Took like hour and 30 minutes. I went to bed slept for like a hour, woke up head was stuffed up so took some allergies medicine and decided go for another cape. This one was same as before except I brought more then 2 ranged pots. So I potted the whole time in the fight caves, was so much better when at 360's. Got to Jad was doing good got healers out and then I accidentally right clicked and then when I went to change pray I didn't click. So jad hit me for 62 or 68 got 18 hp ran to rock but Jad was still hitting me kept my eye on him brewed back to 115hp, Super restored to 99 prayer and range potted. Went back to killing Jad think I did a 48 on him and finally killed him. That try took 1 hour 13 minutes pretty fast seeing how I used broad bolts on everything but Jad. =p People wondering here is my setup: Ranged pots is for potting and staying 103+ Range, brews for healing normally I only use for hp boost when Jad spawns, restores for prayer have like 6-10 left over most times and guthans for healing *which has saved me a ton times* Wasn't going to post for just capes but bows and digi told me to or they eat meh babies! Rate the achievement I guess.
  8. I know he ment that but he saying you will never be true 126...even if maxed out
  9. You will get a lot of low rates but they forget their first drag axe they happy and most likely posted 10/10 on getting first one (I posted my first =P~ )
  10. Well of course they can become 126 F2P, but they'll never experience the "OMG I just got max level" feeling at 126 that the old 126s got both when they became 126, and whenever they get 138. The newer people will have to wait for 138 for that. What about me? I was 123cb I think summon cam out but had a old shcool lvl 126?
  11. Gratz but might have read it wrong it seems your saying anyone that started after december or where under 126cb will never be true 126? Even if 1 summon 99 pray? Have fun with yak hope it makes you money!
  12. *drools* is that range cape?!? 10/10 prayer is kilelr on the fingers and meh fish boring =D>
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