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  1. Where were you when manipulation clans were pushing stuff up several times over? I lost a ton of will to play seeing myself miss item after item, meanwhile many of the items I picked did nothing or went down.
  2. I strongly prefer ccbow with rune arrows, having used both for many trips. Handcannon is MUCH less accurate, which means it takes longer to get the shield off, which means less time spent using your good weapon. That could be partly that I use void, though, which favors ranged bonus from the weapon a lot more than dhide. Ccbow also has the advantage of not blowing up though, one time I got unlucky and lost my handcannon and spare within 3 kills, at 95 fm. I prefer D Hide as hitting a 250 or so, then my Steel Titan specing 200+ is better than me hitting 320 and my steel titan specing 0 due to Protect Range.
  3. I always liked CLS at TDs due to being able to use a Defender. Rune Crossbow also allows for a Defender. I like Defender so much at TDs because it really helps with Darklight. I'm also like 55k tokens away from CCbow. According to RSwiki, it's about 85 coins per shot, given our high Smithing Levels.
  4. OK, the Zaryte Bow's probably been out long enough that someone will have found out where it truely shines. At the moment, I've heard that all it has going for it is it's an alternative to Chaotic Crossbow for the DG haters. It might also be good at TDs. Would be funny if Nex was weak to it, but that would mean no Divine/Ely/Spectral/DFS.
  5. Verac or Range, which would be better for an FFA? And if Verac, should I use Piety over Turmoil since I read that Curses heal Nex or something.
  6. I have a strong feeling that at least some of the time Nex will be flying and therefore be immune to melee. Based on the teaser pics, it definitely looks like he is on the ground in one picture and flying in the other. Also it is a decent chance he will be using some sort of ancient curses or magicks. He may leech stats, he might freeze, ect.. Bosses typically drop items that are useful for killing them, so its possible range might be a primary offense against him with melee and mage being secondaries at times. Question is, are a 2h melee/ranged/mage weapon going to be most effective, or will a shield and 1h weapons be the better option. Hence the Arcane and my DGing for a 3rd Chaotic. And if it's weak to the Bow it drops or anything else it drops, expect CRAZY prices if that item is required for serious FFAing or for pro teams.
  7. I have a strong feeling Dragon Defenders will be better than Divines for FFA Nex, which is what I intend to do once Nex is released. If it's a boss you Mage, then I bought an Arcane. I might DG to 200k tokens and then get the Chaotic that's best for Nex if it's not Longsword/Rapier.
  8. I know it would be extremely annoying to have to do, but that really would make Nex an extremely hard boss. Good luck killing 160 GWD generals (or just minions?) in under an hour if you die. :P 40 KC from all 4 minions in under an hour is easily doable with a Steel Titan. Now the real issue is going to be, no one will know the best gear/strategy for this boss until later, so lots of people are going to be dying. If you're in a team and you die, it could start a domino effect. Plus you might be the last person standing, and lag before you tele. Then, no one would be there to bless.
  9. Based on the hype Jagex created, yes I would venture to say it is stronger than the Corp. 15 unique attacks? Yeah, this is essentially a DGing boss OUTSIDE of Daemonheim. It won't be soloable for a long time after it comes out I don't think, but it may eventually become soloable a long time down the road due to power creep, unless Jagex gives it a spread-damage attack (something that does like 3k damage but splits it over a group, ensuring a OHKO if you are alone). I really hope that Jagex doesn't do what I am afraid they're going to do with regards to accessing it: 40 kc from every boss. That would be a massive pain in the ass... But on the flip side, it'd probably keep away at least some of the less dedicated people. Well, we both know Woox16 will be in there spending 30-50m+ if he has to until he either vids a solo or gives up.
  10. sorry to burst you bubble but gwd=/=prayer potions. gwd=brews, sup rests and OVLs. Actually with Overloads, I can get away with mostly Super Prayers with only a few Restores.
  11. Time for the big question. Will this boss be soloable? Jagex said GWD was intended for groups when it first came out, people started soloing the first day. Corp was unsoloable, but now Woox16 did it without food. Will this boss be even stronger than Corp?
  12. It sickens me too. Funny thing, back when Dungeoneering first came out, someone on these forums posted something like "I imagine many of those with high Dungeoneering levels also have high Virgineering levels." He was obviously trying to make fun of high level Dungeoneers, but reading that just made me feel happy and proud about my "high Virgineering level."
  13. As of this post my EXP in Melee stats are: Attack: 60,211,366 Strength: 27,287,822 Defence: 17,180,817 Constitution: 44,276,849 Level 120 is 104,273,167 EXP. I'm nowhere near that in any of my Melees. Abyssal Demons are a high profit monster I could camp for straight Melee exp. Although, on second thought, I should probably do it at Frosts. Or even TDs since that's Strength and Range exp. I would be doing it by Slayer without a second thought though if they added monsters that took 100+ Slayer.
  14. I calculated my BMI, I'm right on the lower end of healthy weight/upper end of underweight, but it's been like that for years, so I don't dwell on it. It will be a very shocking change one day when I actually have to watch what I eat, lest I become overweight. I was always a very solo-centric player though, I tried to solo GWD bosses day 1 for instance. I also played in a basement under the house in MD. And I definitely don't eat even 10 hot pockets a day. I was just trying to think how many I could comfortably eat, and what would be a challenge, and my numbers fell way short of 100.
  15. I would scream even harder than when I did when Summoning came out. Then I'd either be hardcore camping Abyssals, or doing hardcore Slayer. Overloads getting me to 151 or 152 Melees would be so awesome. Not to mention the possibility of "Super" Overloads, Turmoil, Yaks, and Chaotic weapons at 100+ of each respective skill.
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