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  1. InB4lock. Advertising is strictly prohibited here.
  2. The masses aren't the main problem. It's the gold farming companies that have thousands of bots running at any given time. They aren't worried about how "safe" it is to bot. They are only worried about their profits. "They are only worried about their profits." I think this speaks volumes for Jagex, as well.
  3. Why even train there if you know there's a[n] (increased) risk of death?
  4. Well your connection was somehow so bad that instead of requiring 10 minutes to mess up, it did so in "5-10 seconds".
  5. amitoz


    I thought you implied that said difficulties were real? :unsure:
  6. Try and Flip merch to make some extra cash, then try to spend that on prayer.
  7. 10 herb, 5 coal/maple (I'd say maple).
  8. Thank you for clearing that up, for now people can truly comprehend, to their fullest aptitude, what I wished to say.
  9. ^ What good would that do? Dungeoneering is no good without tokens, which are used to buy the rewards, which are only obtainable from actually participating in the activity of dungeoneering.
  10. I'm pretty sure a comma separating two parts of a sentence doesn't count as two separate sentences. I'm sorry Quyneax - but I couldn't resist. Vulxai is using the comma to set off parenthetical elements Meaning: "Unless you already have the Torso, or just REALLY like BA, the torso isn't worth it. " can also be read "Unless you already have the Torso, the torso isn't worth it." Either way, since when was grammar such a large part of Tip.it forums that you felt the need to correct (although you were incorrect ironically) a non-existent mistake? Are you trying to wage a war on all of the internet? EDIT: I PROMISE not to reply on a thread Amitoz has replied to from now on :/ A use of parenthesis would have played a much better role in this grammatical situation. I thought that's what grammar was there for? To provide a sense of structure, so that ideologies could be better understood? THATSWHYNOONETYPESLIKETHISFORITPROVIDESADIFFICULTSTRUCTUREINWHICHTHEREADERCANOBSERVEANDCOMPREHENDSAIDIDEOLOGIES.
  11. So you're telling me you have to wait 90 days to remove a useless part of a toolbar that serves no function (to you, for whom it was specifically made for; as in the player)? Jagex strikes again.
  12. Not necessarily, its subjective to how many monsters there are too fight. 10 monsters its only 1 less sure, but 100 monsters is 10 less. Go up to 1mil (so wuldnt apply to dg) and tht 10% is now 100,000 Thank you for clearing that up for me, for I failed to understand it prior to your excellent explanation.
  13. I just want to expand my knowledge, for I fail to understand his reasoning.
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