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  1. Very detailed. Thank you for investing time into this. I plan on trying it soon and I feel confident in your guide.
  2. I want to get the maul, rapier and cbow eventually. So rapier will be best?
  3. What is the best chaotic for god wars and pvm? All i really do in my spare time is do god wars and was wandering what's the best chaotic for this? Any help is appreciated.
  4. I mainly like to pvm oranythign to do with combat.
  5. Just as the title says. What are the best auras to get?
  6. Sorry for another question. I've been soloing bandos lately but i wanted to try Armadyl and was wandering is the spectral spirit shield worth it?
  7. I was wandering what would be the best way for me to work towards overloads? I only have 67 herblore. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Welll i recently joined a pvm clan and was wandering what chaotic should i get Longsword Rapier or maul? sorry i meant to add this is not my acc stats i am maxed mele
  9. I am looking for a PVM clan that does a lot of boss hunting etc. Also I am looking for a friendly community, and me not being the best at boss hunting a clan that is willing to teach.
  10. Hi guys i was wondering if u guys think if i would be able to solo bandos or if not please leave some good solo monsters for me
  11. Okay i got a good one my brothers name is (TY) and i Showed my friend runescape and the first hour he traded someone and this what was said Friend: here u want some wood Guy: Sure Friend: Here you go Guy: Ty Friend: How do you know Ty Guy: What are you talking about? Friend: How do you know him? Guy: i realy dont know what your talking about. Friend: So what do you go to school with him? Guy: Ty means Thank you Friend: oh realy Then my friend felt stupid and decided to run
  12. So i was wandering what should my second chaotic weapon be? I have the rapier right now and mainly want to do pvm when i get higher. Also are there any clans that will help level faster?
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I am working on prayer right now with urns while doing slayer tasks. Also what spell should i use?
  14. What would be the best way to complete the fight caves? Most guides that I've read say range is the best but my range is only 71. Then i see soome guides saying rune crossbow or karils. Any inventory/ equipment suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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