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  1. I want to get an Arcane spirit shield eventually, but I don't know if I'll ever have enough money... I don't want to get a Blessed spirit shield yet because I only have 52 prayer and 6 summoning (it'll increase my combat which I don't want, for Duel Arena, I use DFS for Duel Arena and sometimes Slayer). But if I'm 100% sure about getting the Arcane shield then I'll get 23 summoning and 70 prayer. Should I keep the DFS and wait for it to go up? I remember buying it for around 13m-14m. I'll take the rest of the advice. Also, can you please tell me more about the green dragons? Do I safe spot them with range? I don't know much about them.. Thank you very much!!
  2. I obviously don't melee.. And I use DFS for Barrows / Duel Arena / some Slayer situations I need def in. Can you tell me a bit more about doing daily battlestaves / broad arrows and bolt heads? And green dragons in the chaos tunnels?
  3. Hi. I have 2.2m right now. This is my account: Since the bots are gone, I'm wondering how I should make money now? I could WC or hunt for chinchompas.. what do you guys think? Also, I'm wondering if I should sell my Amulet of Fury. I bought it when it was like 10m half a year ago and I don't know if I should keep it. I also have a DFS and Full Ahrim's and a bunch of other stuff but I want to keep them.
  4. Wow.. I've been gone for months and it seems like the economy really crashed. Barrows.. I am disappoint. PS: I have a Fury - I got it for around 10m. Should I sell it? Will the price go up or down?
  5. ^ Do you get more runes for getting a higher KC?
  6. That used to happen to me. It could be due to overheating.
  7. Let's consider the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: - Much more runes, bolt racks - More exp Disadvantages: - Time wasted because Barrows item chance doesn't improve One could argue that you make up for the time wasted by getting more runes. I usually get a kill count of 12-15. Thoughts?
  8. I only have 2m left because I bought a Fury and a DFS. I'd like to make a profit, rather than lose. I think I'll go black dragons unless someone can suggest something better.
  9. Yes. I tried going Dagannoth Rex soloing, too difficult though.
  10. ^ I want to do Arma GWD, but I have no Summoning and only 75 def / 52 prayer / 84 hp.
  11. I don't have enough points to block things. I hate greater demons because of the wild dogs, and the Forinthry dungeon is too risky. I don't mind exp/money as long as it's fun.
  12. I'm starting to get bored of slayer because I always get dust devils and greater demons over and over. What can I kill? I have 91 range and full void and a DFS.
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