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  1. Well i sprayed the pc with an air compressor, but it still crashed 2 times, and it seems, that the temp. is the same (~80 Celsius). However, it only crashes when playing rs, I could leave the pc on for the whole night (not playing rs) and it wouldn't crash.
  2. It's 2.6 Ghz 1gb Ram desktop computer. I didin't have this problem until I reinstalled my computer (well like a week after reinstalling my pc). It just freezes. All the lights on the keyboard start lighting up randomly (the way they randomly light up when i turn on the pc and it is loading). I have this problem only when playing rs. I downloaded speedfan and it says that my CPU temp is ~80 degrees Celcium. Is that a lot for a computer? I'll try to clean it.
  3. Hi guys! So I have a problem. Whenever i play Rs, my computer crashes randomly, so I have to restart it. I didn't have this problem before. Does any of you know what could be causing this problem? I would really appreciate your help. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum.
  4. Hi guys! So I log in today to my account and i have this terrible lag. I could call it slow motion, becouse my character does not lag, he runs fluently, but just very very slowly, attacks monsters mega slowly and does everything else very slow. When i rotate the camera with arrow keys on my keyboard it also rotates very slowly. What could be the problem? I've never had this problem before. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware link! It seems that my computer has no keylogers in it. Any more ideas of how to get some money to start off again? I haven't played rs in like 2-3 years, so I forgot about everything.
  6. Arghh. I just hate it. People like that. So ok, i just completed the quests for mtk, I log out to check my thread, where I ask about mtk (what to gather, and stuff), i read the posts, decide what to assign the workers with and boom. I log in and gone. Everything gone. I'm not a good money maker, so loosing ~5 mil is a big thing for me. Uch. I hate when people do that. I don't have any melee armour, nor runes or arrows, nothing. So guys, what your advice would be? Where can I start. Start completely from scratch. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys. I have a question about MTK. What should I assign my workers to collect and how much money should i put in it? I currently have ~3.5 mil. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys. So i'm getting memb again soon and need ideas, on how to make money and also, where to train my cmb skills? I have ~1 mil in my bank. Here are my stats:
  9. They have bonus xp weekends? What are they? How much more xp do you get on them? EDIT: How did skills became easier to train?
  10. Hi guys. So after a 2+ years break i started playing rs again. I have one silly question, that's been bothering me lately. After being back on the game, i noticed that most of the people have very high skills (people i have never met), when let's say 2 years ago only a few people would have this kind of high skills. What's up with that? And i know, it's a silly question, but meh, it doesn't hurt to ask, right?
  11. Sorry for double post. Just want it to be completely clear with all of this. Do i need a credit card linked to my paypal account to make one month subscription?
  12. Sorry for stupid question, but what is mtk?
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