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  1. Afternoon all, I recently got myself a camera and have started snapping some shots around my local park, the ones below are all of the same area but from different vantage points. I am after some constructive criticism: if the tip.it forums are still nice enough!! (its been a while) https://plus.google.com/photos/102647783011083406257/albums/5769104282932004401?authkey=CLTaxp6H4MunngE Be nice.
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. For string amulet, should i string regular golds? or maybe dragonstone/ruby? thanks for all the advise so far people.
  4. GOOOOD MOOORRRNING TIFERS. So, im aiming high this year 99 attack, defence, mage and possibly slayer. attack and defence will be a by-product of slayer however i am looking for a fast and efficient way for 99 mage, i have supplies to high alch 94. i should also imagine ill have about 10m i can spend towards this once i have 99 attack and defence. anyone have any ideas, advise? Tesh
  5. nope my internet was fine, i lagged for about 5-10 seconds, then when the lag passed i was out of the dungeon. i didnt even log out, just 5-10 seconds of not moving or responding to commands. and to be honest with your response im not surprised i prefer to do things on runescape alone...
  6. Sonikku, can you confirm the same thing is happening to you as well?
  7. would love to, but already on the fastest package my area can handle without going for a bonded ADSL service which would cost me a bomb (£300/$160pm), or i upgrade by moving but sadly i dont have the money for another mortgage, and the suggestion of fibre optics (infinity) BT havent scheduled it for my area until at least 2016 the 10 minute rule does work, i can log myself out for 10 minutes take a phone call come back and its all good, but if i get one bit of laggy internet dungeon just goes, kinda like jagex fastforwards to minute 11 for me! even if its like 20 seconds of lag
  8. the lag on w117 is worse than on my home worlds - i cant even walk from the rewards trader to the lobby without lagging out or freezing several times over. im not a hermit, i just like being able to do things myself, and as sohkmj said, it is impossible to find a team that dont have a fence post up their [wagonwheel] @sohkmj what is your dungeoneering? maybe we can team together?
  9. Ok, I know my internet sucks really, and you know it cant be helped i live where i live and that aint gonna change! but jagex need to fix solo dungeoneering! too many times have i done floor 26 solo on med (can never find a team) found the boss room and continued with my bonus xp rooms, and all of a sudden runescape goes nope you found the boss you cant have any more bonus xpees imma lag you back to the top of the freaking floor so you have to leave and restart the dungeon!!!! so i can log out for 10 minutes and return but one piece of [cabbagey] lag and i loose my work! well stuff it dungeoneering will be forever be at 60 for me! gf! i know imma get flamed for having a naff connection and not being a pro dunger who finds awesome teams but i dont give a flying karamjan monkey dropping i solo runescape hence i want to solo dungeoneering, no other skill makes me rely on other people solo dungeoneerers are just getting [cabbaged] on!! but lets all focus on clan month! rant over - on with mining gems now as dungeoneering is now dead to me!
  10. ALSO FYI, there is a link on the google page that will allow you to make a donation i know for a fact i will be how many other tif.ers will be? link just in case Japan Crisis there is also a person finder on the same page for those who need help in locating a loved one.
  11. It is a tragedy what has happened in Japan it really is my heart goes out to them all. has anyone seen on RSOF how many topics opened asking for BXPW to be extended because the people in Japan would miss out! Really shows the intelligence of people on RSOF, if i was in Japan atm, or if i had family in Japan i really wouldnt give 2 cabbages about my B0nuzXpees! Prayers are with them!
  12. What is this toilet paper you speak of? Generally i rip the front page in half and start from there :-P
  13. Teshiburu


    I have a lovely day of scanning technical drawings all day... oh lordy why cant people learn2scan properly!
  14. I really dont enjoy interviews either, most of the jobs i have had have been based on my skillset (not my spelling) although the current job i have (Technical assistant to the most dumba** IT manager ever!) i had to have an interview for, i just hate the dumb questions. one of the ones in this interview was "if you were interviewing me, what you ask me right now?" i was like wth, i know it was designed to make me think on my feet but all i could come up with was "honestly, what are you really doing here?" but on topic, - just go be yourself, - relax, - dress smart even if the job doesnt dictate it e.g. if you apply to do an mechanics job dont turn up in ripped jeans a vest and rigger boots. - arrive 10 minutes early and listen to what is going on around you - be honest, nothing worse than lying about something you can do getting the job and then failing when they ask you to do what you said you could do but cant!
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