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  1. Right atm i have set myself a long term goal of getting 90+ herblore and afterwards save to get the money to buy the bones/ashes for soul split. Atm i have about 65m in total atm(rubbish ik). Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance! My stats in my sig Dammmmmmmm
  2. Basicallly i need some suggestions of where to train range 82-85/90. If you are able to include xp/hour that would be great. Thanks in advance dammmmmmmm And btw atm i am wearing black d hide but as i plan on chinning 99 range i will be getting full void.
  3. including runes atm it is around 4gp/exp and slightly less if you sell to the rogue after completing summers end. Hope this helps!
  4. Please could someone tell me what price these sell at. Thanks Dammmmmmmm
  5. I have 50m cash what skills could i level up to make me more efficent in making money
  6. Signature has now been fixed
  7. My sig isn't working due to me changing my display name which i have not updated yet
  8. With the Ge in the state it is in after free trade and the wildy coming back. What am i best off doing investing in items or skills? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
  9. I am training at bandits with full guthans and bunyip atm and am achieving xp rates of around 55-60k xp per hour. I go back to school on wednesday so i will'nt be on for as long as i have been. I will be able to play about 2-4hours atleast on a school night and about 6 hours on a weekend. Can anyone give me a rough guide on how long it will take me?
  10. btw if u dont wish to do this task you can go to the slayer master in burthope and change ur task. although by doing this it will reset your slayer point task count to zero then you have to do another 4 tasks before u may start earning points again!
  11. Personally when ever i solo the mole i use a zamorkain spear and bandos using a war tort and praying melee
  12. Here is the list of equipment i will be using. Robin Hood Hat Glory(4) Rune Platebody Whip or Dragon Scimitar Dragon Platelegs Dragon boots Dragonfire Shield Magic Cape(t) Combat Bracelet
  13. hello people of the forums, I have decided to get 99 defence,currently i am 85 defence 60k off 86. But i need some suggestions of what to kill and the average xp you would expect to gain per hour.
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