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  1. A tank usually beats a Zerker because of the fact they'll be shredding the Zerk while not taking much damage in return even if wearing only void. The game is also more open to you as a Range Tank in terms of quests, achievement diaries, and PvM content. If you're interested in clanning, Zerk/Range Tank is pure preference as most mid-level (i.e. Zerker) clans also accept Range Tanks due to the nearness of combat levels. It's really up to what you want to do, if you're only planning on PKing you may as well make a Zerker as you'll be able to utilize both melee and range in 1v1 fights depending on what you feel like. However if you want to do more beyond 1v1 Edge/BH pking you're probably better off making a range tank. GL. Edit: full disclosure - my account is a Zerker build.
  2. In regards to Runescape, or Run, Escape, this growing attitude of not helping out new or unfamiliar players is actually part of what turned me off from RS3 when I returned to the game. There were so many brand new things in the game that I had no idea about but really had no one who was willing to lend a helping hand or even offer any advice beyond "Oh just look up the best ability bars and get tier 'x' gear and go bossing". The confusion combined with lack of direction is why I jumped headfirst into Oldschool when it was released.
  3. Not everything needs to be re-polled just because you don't get what you want. Corp is still being introduced with 3 other shields, unfortunately there wasn't a large enough percentage of votes for Divine.
  4. As soon as you hit 80 hunt and can use 5 traps at a time you should see at least a 10-15k xp/hr increase. At 85 hunt I was averaging around 82k xp an hour at red chins. Depending on your combat level you may not want to go to black chins at 80 due to pkers. If you're between 60-90 combat or so you can expect to be interrupted quite a bit which will slow down your xp.
  5. Try the mini game chat channel for the quest. There are always people in there looking for partners. It might be a little wait to get in the chat but just be patient.
  6. Been training at flesh crawlers to 60 attack. It's not so bad and if you can be bothered to bank a bit the drops add up (noted iron ore, fire runes, herbs).
  7. Yeah I'd say rock crabs are your best bet and if you don't already own one and have the money to spare you could buy a red topaz machete, it'll be slightly better than the iron scimitar you're probably using.
  8. EoC may not have been the update that drove me away from RS but it was the update that kept me from coming back (until OSRS). And yes I have tried EoC, didn't really like it, but to each his own.
  9. There's a need for more than 2? They're barely even populated.
  10. Nice progress so far. :) That cape is very nice congrats on that and good luck with your goals!
  11. I think this method to get uncut onyx still works. Pretty sure death runes with karamja gloves are the best way to go, but I don't know prices at the moment off the top of my head so I'm not positive. Might want to look into a little more if you're planning on trying it. But yes you can stil sell runes to the shop I believe.
  12. I'd say go to ankous. With the salve ammy (e), you hit high and often enough on ankous to get a pretty good experience rate and they also have decent drops.
  13. I agree mining gold is a nice change of pace from (power)mining iron or powermining granite. I've been considering mining a few k gold and superheating it for mage xp as well leaving me with a stock of gold bars that should last for a while.
  14. My failures at Jad still haunt me to this day.. hopefully I can finally claim a fire cape this time around on 2007. :mad:
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