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  1. hi, i only play osrs and im sure theres many others who would like this feature on tip.it (osrs signature generater), there is already a eoc one, and would be super cool to have my shiny osrs stats below my post .
  2. hello tip.it. this is what i think will bring osrs back, and wont be hard for the development team to do, and some is going to be in the next polls. 1.) gwd (godwars) the game is lacking content and gwd will bring more bosses and more items. 2.) actual f2p! while osrs is back, we are all forgetting the main reason runescape was awesome back then, f2p. whithout f2p the economy is stale and the f2p worlds are ghost towns. many people are hesitant to go play osrs and maybe if they play in f2p it will motivate them to buy membership to play in the members worlds, besides thats what happened to all of us? right?? 3) minor convinient updates i.e, a) auto fc join (make it so it can be toggled on and off, auto fc join (make it toogleable) auto fc join means when it is toogled on everytime you log in you wil automatically be joined into the last fc you were in before you logged out, this feature is verry usefull if your in a pk clan of a friend chat that you want to be in consistantly. b) new minigames for f2p. c) clan wars^^ d) oh and i forgot, clan wars :D 4) a optional stat reset button,(only for combat stats and stats related to cb, i.E: slayer , and when used it resets all stats to 0 cb stats only) the stat reset button will be verry usefull if you are a main and want to reset all your combat stats so you can re-train them back to pking stats.
  3. definately start 07! my advice is to keep defence at 1 and then grind up range and strength and magic (not attack) to 60. buy an obby maul and some knives and have some fun in the wildy, or you could just get the other two stats to 60 and then range to 70 and pk whith magic shortbow or rune c bow and dark bow or combo it whith the oobby maul etc... then quest up your defence to 45 to become a zerker or you could go [bleep] that and become a void ranger pure :D ITS FUN.
  4. wtf. mage wrecks all in pk. i have 60 magic and i can farm about 140k exp an hour at hai monks. meele is way underpowered. rangers are just as good as mages.
  5. eh well i dont go bleeping in public in rs... i only bleep in pms to the people who can take it, like crude jokes :P but i never swear in public on runescape, i keep a great rep and ive never gotten reported. i dont agree whith this new rule of muting over pms, i think its okay to swear if noone gets offended.
  6. no... just no. no need to riot over a bloody cape lol, honestly if you play this game like ya have no life over a cape and a meaningless emote, you literally have nothing better to do whith your life. which is kinda sad lol.
  7. so i log onto 07... world 1 and 2 are both full, while in eoc theres 1k people in world 2 and in world 1 theres like 400... while theres an average of 200-100 people in all the other worlds. f2p really shouldnt count as theres no f2p in 07 community. dont get angry if your one of those stuck up eoc people lol. (like you do on all of my posts...)
  8. omg ... how stupid can one get>???? you all completely dont understand ''leeching others exp''. the cannon is completely otherpowered in multi combat areas. for level 20-40s... you all might think its alright for some greedy person to leech everyones exp so everyone else barely gets any...
  9. hello, whats the most effective way to kill a kbg? whith my stats.
  10. waite sorry where cani find these things? (grotworms, banshees, kdb)? im kinda a noob to membs... my range is 50 would that be ok? i could drag it to 60 but would take about 6 hours grind.
  11. omg!!, i hate it when people place those dwarf cannons in old school runescape at rock craps... (this goes for all multi mob areas zz) really unnoying... the worst part is when you ask nicely if the person can remove it... i get an arrogant response . its unnoying when ya have to hop worlds because someone is unconsiderate about exp.
  12. That's not wilderness, that's called the duel arena. not if your allowed to spawn monsters in it...
  13. how long did it take to get from 30-60 str? at r crabs?
  14. get membs after 60 def, its worth that extra little grind, cuz dragon is a big step from rune ;) lost city quest is literally a walk in the park.
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