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  1. its not working , it not gives u the combat lvl you would have the the levels you type in.
  2. 6th one to get idk how to show vid [ ] things wont work , same like on different forums https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQtCqHQGDyw
  3. Goals & Achievements Introduction Hello everyone , my name is joeri and ingame im joeri style. Im 20 years old and im from Belgium. I did have many skillers in the past but rs changed so much i did quit and change accounts , i did quit in march 2012. My goal on my skiller is 99 cooking now + fish , maybe i go for top 10 cooking. I need people that want to help me with my goal - trade you're raw fish for my cooked. Feel free to add me ingame ;) Starting Stats Latest Achievement Past Achievements 24/02/2013 - 50 Fishing
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