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  1. Yeah, I was going to mention this. As soon as an editor on RS Wiki hits "Submit", their content has been 'given' to RS Wiki subject to a CC-BY-SA license. However, one of the conditions of said license is that although third parties are free to use whatever the license is for, the original author(s) must be accredited in any subsequent versions. Another condition (the Share-Alike part) means that if the content is used elsewhere, it must be released under the same CC-BY-SA license as the original work. Well firstly, Jagex's Wiki does not allow authors and contributors to be named, therefore there is no means to credit someone else's work. Secondly, everything submitted to Jagex is protected under commercial copyright, therefore they're not publishing the information under SA terms. Simply put, unless Jagex change the copyright status of information on their website, and until they provide a way of naming a work's original creators, they cannot either themselves copy information from RS Wiki, or allow others to copy information to their website on their behalf, and if RS Wiki found a case of plagiarism, Jagex are legally obliged to remove it immediately. Isn't the vast majority of stuff on RS Wiki covered by Jagex's copyright anyways (pictures of ingame items/etc)?
  2. F2P has been getting updates a *lot* more regularly recently than it used to, if anything F2Pers should be grateful that they're getting any updates, rather than complaining about the ones that they don't get. Essentially, the article was merely a regurgitated version of http://forum.tip.it/topic/285421-why-cant-f2p-have/.
  3. 100+ Aberrant champion scrolls? :blink:
  4. Why are you camping them? XP, profit or another reason?
  5. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=chaos_dwarf_battlefield_guide.htm#tactics2 What about a familiar? :P Regarding gear, wouldn't using a Divine/Elysian and chaotic staff get you more kills/h than using a SoL and Arcane or both a chaotic staff and arcane + a unicorn, or a titan, I don't know how much melee defence you need there. A farseer shield would probably outdo an arcane as well, if you need melee defence, a 20% soak is going to help more than +3 magic attack (assuming they can hit over 200, again, I don't have much experience maging there). Also, would ranging with chins work there (much more melee defence), or is the healing from blood barrage essential? And were auras not mentioned in the guide for a reason, or just an oversight? Essentially, there just seem to be a few combos that were missed out or skipped over entirely and I'm wondering if there was a reason, or the author just forgot. :P
  6. Vecna skull/Magic focus scroll/Overload all give the same boost as Extreme Magic. Edit- Skull appears to be +6 not +7, I've never used one so assumed it was the same as the above. :P
  7. Wasn't sure where to post this, thought you might have wanted to know. :P You also missed out Castle wars armour/bracelets for damage boosts.
  8. I'm sure there are some people who love games like GOP and hate games like TB because of exactly that, they like the simplicity and ease of understanding to be average, yet that the minigame requires much more understanding (e.g. where to stand, distances, etc.) for you to be good at it.
  9. There are plenty of things that you haven't done (judging by your hiscores page) that aren't just repetitive grinding. The vast majority of minigames involve strategy and planning and yet instead people merely grind them for the rewards. The problem isn't the lack of content, it's the player attitude that unless the reward is important, it's not worth doing. Look at chompy hats, for example. They have no real benefit and yet can be a very enjoyable minigame to do with friends, especially if you do jubblies too. There are large other pieces of deserted content like this, Trouble Brewing is one example, even though 'the stuff' is very useful when brewing, people don't play it because the majority of players don't care about minigames except for rewards. The actual gameplay doesn't seem to matter if the rewards aren't helpful in achieving max efficiency elsewhere in the game.
  10. Not true. If I wasn't short on content, I'd be playing right now. The quests lately have been short and fruitless, the D&Ds are only done weekly/monthly or not worth doing at all. The last skill updates have been nothing but mindless grinding (Livid farm, lava mining). The last real update we had was the jadinko lair, and before that I can't even remember. There is plenty of content you could do; http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=activities.htm http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=skill_guides.htm http://www.tip.it/runescape/?rs2quest http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=general_guides.htm http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=treasure_trails_menu.htm http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=monster_hunting.htm http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=tasks.htm http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=guild_guides.htm And much more that isn't listed there. Just because you choose not to do content because you're lazy or uninterested, it doesn't mean Runescape doesn't have enough content. Just because you don't personally use content (by your choice), it doesn't make it pointless. Everything can't be the best XP/h and Jagex can't please everyone. Below are Jagex's last 20 game updates, all of which have a unique use rather than just being "pointless filler content" as you put it, you are not the only player in Runescape, every update doesn't have to revolve around your wishes.
  11. And that's your opinion, there are others that value graphical updates and both types are needed to keep the game in good shape. It's not like anyone is short of content at the moment anyways.
  12. I'm talking updates that last more than an hour. Jadinko lair, lave flow mine, and livid farm are all updates that actually have content that span a large amount of time. Quests like Salt in the Wound and Deadliest Catch don't give us much "new" content to explore. Graphical updates do not provide any new content that will occupy your time. It is yet to be seen if Citadels will be useful for anything but the rings, which means they too will have been an insignificant update. I'm not asking for a lot, just content that lasts more than 30minutes. It's not that you're asking for new content, its that you're complaining that content isn't released, and when it is you complain about the lack of upcoming content, without even using newly released content. The minigame upgrades also seem like they'll breath life back into a lot of old content, from the BTS, it seems like quite a few minigames are going to be overhauled completely as well. There also might be more after-quest content in Darkmeyer like there was with Vyrewatch after Legacy of Seergaze. Essentially, I just found it strange that you were assuming that there would be no actual longterm content this month as there hasn't been a new area mentioned in the BTS (besides Darkmeyer) and complaining about a lack of recent content when you haven't even tried it out yet. :P
  13. So, effectively, you're saying "I want more updates like the one released a month ago that I haven't even bothered to use yet"? Sounds like someone's a bit spoiled.
  14. Are there any actual reasons you dislike difficult to navigate terrain other than it being difficult to navigate? Without the maze, not only would the blood tithe part of the storyline have made little sense, the entire idea of being in a city where the citizens are restricted to certain sectors and a secret underground group has cleverly marked a route to their base would be destroyed. If you really hate being challenged in the quests, why do you even do them?
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