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  1. bouwzie had valid points for his rate, nothing wrong with a low rate... if we couldn't give low rates without getting flamed... what would be the point?
  2. 0/10 10/10 if you let me wear phat ;D mucho gratz bud <3333333
  3. i know weve had our differences, but nothing can top DFH and HILT :D i still want a dfh from trick lolo
  4. 9/10 would be 10/10 cause you called it, but musky beat you by saying "hilt for musky" "you recieved: 1 Armadyl Hilt" sorry but that beats you :D anyway gratz, wish sara would give me a hilt :(
  5. i got mine last weekend :D first ever skillcape, and its a nice one gratz 9/10 btw untrimmed hp cape beats yours :D
  6. I had 4 snow days in a row last week, only day of school was monday (had a 1 hour delay) we onlyy had llike 4-5 inches... then this week i got 8 inches of snow yesterday, so snow day today :D
  7. the 280k shards were in my inverntory beause i sold people d boots and they paid me in potions or shards, and no, my friend didnt die, got RoL'd out with 3 hp.
  8. would if i was still there :( i teled right after that picture, but i can tell you i had 280k spirit shards and 3 dragon boots the shards were for me to get 83 summoning.
  9. the 35 d boot drops got me money for 83 summoning, which i am 2k off of :P was extremely boring after like 1k kills but i stuck in there ;D P.S. title is 35 boot drops, 2 levels, and 100 or so ppots :P and 4k is max killcount :D
  10. 0/10. just because hes high level doesnt mean he gets good rates, my bank beats his anyday! hehe 1/10 cause im nice :P
  11. 0/10. i have almost no bank worth, but people here on tip it would rather see a visage drop then bought. Noone wants to look at a trade unless it includes your best of bank, get a real achivement, then come post tbh.
  12. 3/10, v helm is not what it used to be, and he just got lucky my bro got guth helm and spear in his first 4 runs and didnt feel a need to post...
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