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  1. part 8: the barricade is: "...then climb down the next ladder. Head north until you get to a large "crossroads", where you can find Safalaan and talk to him." should actually be: "then climb down the next ladder. Head north and climb the ladder up the castle wall, then head north again until you get to a large "crossroads", where you can find Safalaan and talk to him." a new ladder was added after the graphical update to the drakan castle. spent at least a half an hour trying to find the guy and then i at last climbed the ladder and he was right there. -.-
  2. alright. kc ready and in front of the door. see everyone there! ;)
  3. oh...didnt know that thank you.
  4. when does familirisation reset? is it after sunday or is it on the day you did it last time?
  5. welcome back. just came back myself 2 months ago. 9/10 for stats.
  6. 10/10. any 99 in f2p is. if you're thinking about maxing in f2p...get that pray up early. it killed maur at the end! :D
  7. i tried aviansies for 3 months and already bored my brain out... now how does anybody get 99 mining? 10/10
  8. well the double xp time is the time to do summoning. its now or never. either you cut your cost in half on march 12th but will spend a lot at one time, or spend double the money in the long run. its your choice.
  9. i chopped yews for most of my f2p time on another account of mine. but since that is extremely boring i dont reccomend it. other than that gold mining and then rune would probably be your best bet since pking in f2p doesnt really give the best profit, and as i find, is hard because you have no special attacks with which you could a 750 or around there.
  10. if you want to do summoning during the double xp weekend you will really have to start grinding and working up your charms. its really only worth it once you have around 800-1k charms (not gold). i would reccomend doing agility since in my opinion is one of the most boring skills and would get it out of the way for at least a bit. but since you also have 25m to spend on skills it would be a good idea to do herblore too, since the weekend will cut your costs in half. herblore is a really expensive skill.
  11. is it possible to request some tasks in diaries? e.g. varrock diary. you need to pick poison ivy, but dont have 70 farm.
  12. i heard from some people that i need high mage lvl for armadyl. mine is currently 76. i have no reason not to trust the people that told me this, but i would like some reassurance. so do i need a high magic level for kree? any help is appreciated.
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