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    Corruption & TKO Blitz
  1. I spent the last 15 minutes laughing at those. Congrats DF!
  2. Well done TRWF, nice to see your pulls improving. Keep it up.
  3. Cute how you cried to RoT about them claiming a 2 hour cap was uncapped and then immediately did the same thing to us. Anyway, congrats.
  4. As for your questions, I'm not entirely sure. The clan world, for the most part, is very unpredictable. You never know what could happen this summer in terms of a clan doing something historic. However, during the summer, we'll probably see some longer PKRIs; most likely even longer than the 24 hour record held by The Titans vs Divine Forces. Also, without a doubt, a majority of clans will increase their numbers & activity, resulting in more fights in general.
  5. What are your views about clans who reopen under the same name - should they? Shouldn't they? Once a clan closes, as far as I'm concerned, it has served its purpose and it shouldn't reopen whatsoever, whether it be under the same name or not. 99% of the time, the clan will never live up to its former glory and reopening taints the history of the clan itself. How would you react if, in the future, your current clan closed but then reopened? I would say, "Oh, that's cool," and then not rejoin due to my beliefs about reopening a clan (which are above). Have you seen any examples of clans reopening and being successful? Or opening under a different name and being successful? Yes. RuneScape Dinasty is the first (and for whatever reason, only) successful reopening that comes to mind. Although they did close long ago, they're still a remake regardless, and are currently, arguably, the best F2P PvP PKRI clan in the game.
  6. I would prefer the original method of spamming; auto-typers are just one step closer to just running a series of bots instead of actually having PKRIs because people are literally too lazy to play a game. So, yes. I agree with muting people for using auto-typers during fights. However, that being said, player moderators that only mute the opposition and not their own clan definitely deserve to have their status revoked.
  7. Considering that many clans in our clan world have different perspectives and preference in what they do, no one person can represent the entire clan world well.
  8. When do you think it's fair game for someone to leave a clan? Whenever they wish to. It's their choice to leave and nothing else can dictate that. Although people may have disappointing reasons for leaving, it's up to them and they have no real obligation to staying, considering this is a game. Have you ever flamed anyone who left in one of your past/current clans? Yes, I have. Several times. Frankly, they deserved it. One of the people left the clan and began to crash our events. Another decided to ragequit and delete our forums because he wasn't getting a promotion. One smart cookie decided to follow the first person I mentioned because of some stupid e-relationship. And, of course, somebody left because we didn't have a PK trip on Christmas. People have every right to leave a clan, but pathetic reasons for leaving disappoint me. Further pathetic actions against the clan result in myself flaming said person. If they show disrespect, I will too.
  9. Fasty

    CR vs DF

    Clans generally log out after fights are over. It's kind of how it works. Congrats CR.
  10. Incredibly close, congrats nonetheless.
  11. Solid wins, congrats T0.
  12. Disturbing aftermath, but nice.
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