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  1. Don't think it will be the same without Soulja Melle and Viking Ship.
  2. The epic luls to be found on TS. We were a small clan when I joined(30-35) and just seeing us rise has been great,
  3. Become our tmo of Tip.It :sly:

  4. GF 0k3d. Blasted the entire fight.
  5. Topic by Applerune. Thanks for being there for 6 minutes Code rofl. 2k0a3d.
  6. I miss you more D:

  7. I miss you Ankit.

  8. A large portion of the clan community's userbase comes from younger teens. In the US, most teens are off for the majority of the summer. This gives them more free time to be online, which generally attributes to an increase in activity between PST through EST timezones, whereas GMTers usually maintain the same level of activity due to year-round schooling (with breaks every few months.) E: Uffan go throw a basketball or something. I'm gonna be straight up honest here, during the school year I'm on TS like 3-4 hours a day. During the summer it closes in on 12-14 hours... I have no life, what can I say. +Fights don't get to late for me because I'm PST so Summer is the time to kick ass and chew bubblegum.
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