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  1. Don't think it will be the same without Soulja Melle and Viking Ship.
  2. The epic luls to be found on TS. We were a small clan when I joined(30-35) and just seeing us rise has been great,
  3. Become our tmo of Tip.It :sly:

  4. GF 0k3d. Blasted the entire fight.
  5. Topic by Applerune. Thanks for being there for 6 minutes Code rofl. 2k0a3d.
  6. I miss you more D:

  7. A large portion of the clan community's userbase comes from younger teens. In the US, most teens are off for the majority of the summer. This gives them more free time to be online, which generally attributes to an increase in activity between PST through EST timezones, whereas GMTers usually maintain the same level of activity due to year-round schooling (with breaks every few months.) E: Uffan go throw a basketball or something. I'm gonna be straight up honest here, during the school year I'm on TS like 3-4 hours a day. During the summer it closes in on 12-14 hours... I have no life, what can I say. +Fights don't get to late for me because I'm PST so Summer is the time to kick ass and chew bubblegum.
  8. Trainer of the Month 2010... I'm nothing special :L
  9. It's not the application is strict, but if you don't put forth the effort to prove that you want to be Solace, then you will get declined through ranked voting. And if you're a full spastic, you'll either get kicked through Court topics or removed from the clan for not meeting the sufficient amount of votes from the members. We expect FA's to work hard to prove to us that they want to be here. However we don't expect super amazing results, but as long as it's constant and consistent, you'll usually make it in.
  10. GMT clans *usually* drop down in activity during the Summer and EST clans boom in activity. It's going to be a very interesting summer seeing as like the top 7 is separated into basically two divides.
  11. The Man O. One of the smartest people I've known and as helped build clans to amazing heights(i.e. The Titans Leader, DF High Council, and Leader of Solace). He's been through every dynasty of major clanning and he knows what things can and can't be done(meaning he won't ask for infinite rune sets for more f2p activity...)
  13. After stalling for 15 minutes due to their TS lagging, VR mass sniping them in single, and gas prices rising, we finally got annoyed of waiting around, and we rushed EoS at spiders on World 20. We immediately gave EoS a dose of their own treatment and sent 15 snipers to their pile from the start of the fight. From there, we never looked back. We spent a bit of time clearing EoS's snipers, and we spent the rest of it chasing their main pile as they performed the grand prix. Unfortunately, due to rising gas prices, EoS ran out of gasoline and called off returning 90 minutes into the cap. Thanks for the fight, and thanks for talking all sorts of crap prior to the fight. Solace ending: 183 (64 active) EoS ending: logged Shoutouts: Splashy for eventually giving up on bind sniping CD/BT for crashing Haaki3 for coming to this fight on his birthday Duvasio for being a squid
  14. It's a good day to be Solace. Bleedin' blue since June 12, 2010. 6k0a3d.
  15. Honestly, if you're gonna play this game - learn to live with the updates. If you're not willing to adapt, you're only gonna get washed away.
  16. 4-15. Depends how long the cap/fight is. Usually 2/hour is the approximate rate.
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