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  1. Never posted one, but since I did on another forum, might as well do one here. ;) oh and you can add to index thing :P
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjmNUOE-fLA Aesta versus Green Dragons So we were asked for a prepped CWRI vs Green Dragons with the following rules: Starting: About 19vs19, for both. :-) Summary: We prepped hard, having two-three events also setup (most no post) and having few before. We wanted this fight and we improved vastly compared to other fights. With only one caller (myself), we thought we would be out-numbered, but it turns out we were even numbers and showed supreme organization while they lacked the ability to catch up. We took a 20-40 kill gap and never looked back. Thanks for the fight. ^_^ Mid Fight: Ending: #Aesta on the IRC.SwiftIRC.Net server. Contact Marco/Marco[AFK] or any other op. We are continuously looking for fights, sometimes short-preps. Thank you Green Dragons for accepting and giving us a fight. Thank you Aesta & keep this flame-free.
  3. Grats boys and girls. Keep on doing well. <3
  4. I'm pretty lenient when it comes to the introductions, although I do like to get to know the intro. However, when it comes to a more higher scaled level of system, then I go after the most detailed and let go of any unworthy introductions/applications. For Aesta, I plan on going through every introduction myself and judging what I think is legit. Otherwise, TKO has a very high standard to intro upon (usually) and requires a good amount of effort & detail. Solace, same thing, longer process now as well. So in a run-down: Solace = Introduction->Intro status->FA if accepted after 5 days of Intro->FA for 2-3 weeks->Member if accepted afterward. TKO = Introduction->FA if accepted with good Introduction->Member if accepted after 2 weeks. Aesta = Introduction->FA application->Member if accepted after 1 week. Simple.
  5. Looked very close. Congrats on your victory. :)
  6. Best of luck re-opening. Hope everything goes well for you guys. :)
  7. Video by Crimzen Red: Video by me/Kenshn X (new display name :P):
  8. Solace Forums ~ | ~ Solace Memberlist ~ | ~ #Solace on Swift ServerYouTube Channel Most Recent War Solace vs Chivalry Legions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T-VBRL2U5E Solace Video Collection November 29, 2009. - Solace vs Dragonwood December 06, 2009. - Solace vs RuneScape Elites. December 07, 2009. - Solace vs Legends of Glory. December 12, 2009. - Solace vs Legacy. January 17, 2009. - Solace vs Natural Born Killers. February 18, 2009. - Solace vs Legacy. February 20, 2009 - June 26, 2010. - Solace vs Gladiatorz. July 26, 2010. - August 22, 2010. - August 23, 2010. - Solace vs BlacKnights. August 25, 2010. - August 29, 2010. - September 4, 2010. - September 6, 2010. - October 10, 2010. - Solace vs Crimson Raiders. November 06, 2010. - November 10, 2010. - November 23, 2010. - January 02, 2011. - June 01, 2011. - June 02, 2011. - June 06, 2011. - June 17, 2011. - June 22, 2011. - June 24, 2011. -
  9. Before you post, actually think carefully. This isn't one topic where you should just suck up to ranks for doing an amazing job leading the clan! But you can include that if you wish. To put it simply, what aspects do you admire and respect about your own clan. Possibly even relevant to reasons why you may have joined/rejoined. (In my case. :P) To begin with, to set a post example: I joined Solace back in 2009 when Genesis Knights just closed. I suppose I took a time before joining, as Genesis Knights closed about October and I joined Solace late November. The clan was only pulling about 20-30 people at the time (actually, believe it was 20-25) in which our base was still building. I was more of a lurker then, only coming on TeamSpeak 3 for fights and sometimes to see who is on. It wasn't until I was kicked for inactivity that I realized, I need to step my socializing skills up (along with activity) in Solace if I planned on rejoining. So I took a week or more off from clanning. When I rejoined, I immediately set myself a goal to get into playing RuneScape and for a few months I became more active in TeamSpeak. I got to know Ghetto more and even Dan (Zhandaly) with others. During this time I stepped up in the Summer and was MotM of July, along with Trial General and though I did not get it, it did not disappoint me. I was continously proving myself better for the clan. In the end I suppose I made a mistake but I am going to prove myself once more despite making that mistake. (If you want to know, just pm me, if you can't tell just know I rejoined and am FA. :P) So what's your clan like? What sprung you into your clan and what do you enjoy about it, or past memories you enjoyed? I love reading, call me a nerd, but I like to read how others integrated into their own clan. Include your team if you want, I left out TKO Blitz because it would be too long. Finally, apologies on the wall of texts. tl;dr: Tell us about your time spent in your clan; we all have memories. Share yours. (Pictures are ok but I'm more into reading your time spent.) :) Thanks for reading/posting, haven't made a topic in ages on this forum lol.
  10. Only one from Solace. In TKO Blitz I was a few votes behind Scottien for Best Caller, but he def blew me away with Most Motivating. Not even sure if that was a category, though. :P
  11. This. Would love to see my clan participate, I'm not sure if Solace did last year but I know we did CJ Tournament.
  12. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm7v14PG-3Q
  13. Unless I happen to get a job, Summer will be the place where my activity will be sky high. During other seasons or times in the year, activity would be different due to other obligations. Throughout my experience in clanning, Summer was and will always be a place for EST clans to develop their abilities in. School year is the time where the core builds and the clan shows its capabilities in less active times.
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