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  1. Kills: 368 Deaths: 256 And they pretend they smashed us lol
  2. We're EST timezone so cannot fight before 5EST on weekdays, Mainly looking for PKRI's We'll pull around 25 people. If anybody is interested Contact an official in #Exalt.
  3. Exalt was founded just over two months ago, we're mainly PvP based but we're not totally against CWA. We're a high level clan with strong goals and expectations i'll be looking forward to declaring on some of the stronger clans and hopefully you'll be declaring on us to :) Clan type - Warring. ~ Clan Name: Exalt URL: www.Rs-Exalt.com/forums IRC: #Exalt ML: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=exalt
  4. Was fun thanks collision, i don't think they read this forum. Vid Link - http://www.wegame.com/watch/bk-vs-collision/
  5. Not a bad pull for a 2 week prep, Keep up the good work Gladz.
  6. Sorry but i have to say LOL! gratz on the win better luck next time 'the' They act like they don't do that all the time :(
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