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  1. Well done lads :thumbup: 1 kill 9 deaths
  2. 0 kills and 0 deaths Brought 150 Nature Runes and ran out of all of them so I spent the rest of the fight sniping Venomous76 with my Water Staff :shades: Had 300 HP 0 Prayer when we took ending though. Thanks for the fight Poison.
  3. Andy K 47 set up a fight with Envy for today with these rules: cwa classic centre bounds 3 sniper cap rings allowed no corr dung on north attacks war world 90 melee/binds/range 30 min cwri With Envy having the same ML as us we were expecting them to pull the same or even more than us. Start: End: Thanks for the fight Envy
  4. On TS he was telling everyone to tank and to not get 1 hit. And look what happened to him \:D/
  5. I set up a fight with WG for today. Date- August 17th (Tuesday) Start time - 4:00 eastern, 9:00 gmt -Matched Opts CWA -Melee+Binds+Range (no blasts or curses allowed) -War world: 149 -Dg/corr off -North spawn attacks -3 man sniper cap Start: End: The fight started bad for us because Vanzant got KOED :shame: But we got a few transition ko's and took a comfortable lead. Thanks for the fight WG :thumbsup:
  6. So, do we get points for winning or something :oops:
  7. Our dear friend Soo 1337 set up a PKRI with our pals Dragonwood for today. Rules as follows.. -90 minute cap pvp pkri -Melee+Binds+Range (no blasts) curses allowed -Spiders-East tree -Dg/corr off -Higher pull attacks -team to clear crashers After some jokes and running from revenants, we managed to meet up with DW on world 21 at mossies. BlacKnights Starting: Dragonwood Starting: Since we pulled more, we were set to attack. While we were picking our first pile DW rushed us. Keeping us stunned for a few seconds, then we got a good pile going and sent our snipers. We kept up the momentum and about 20 minutes in. We were unable to find any DW and convinced we cleared them. We asked Dragonwood and they informed us they were still at the fight. We kept searching and eventually found them regrouping at lava gap. We rushed them and continued on our roll. As the fight carried on, we noticed many people were meleeing due to being out of binds and arrows. Seeing as it was a 4 man snipe cap, we told our members to just go bank. Knowing this would affect our pile for a little bit, we prepared for a rough little bit of the fight. As expected, Dragonwood took advantage of this and had the lead for a little. After a good 15 minutes or so, we managed to get all our returners back and get a good solid pile going. This time we went a lot harder and took the last 5 minutes of the fight very seriously. We managed to get a very good KO string off of about 7 - 10 straight people. Then walking around to hit any stragglers until we went for ending. Bk Immediate Ending: 78 Options Dw Immediate: 33 Options Bk Full Ending: 99 options Thanks a lot for the fight Dragonwood, it was a pleasure as always. I'd love to have another fight in the future if you guys are up for it. Personally, I had like 4 deaths and unknown amount of kills. Not sure who was the clan acing for us, but we appreciate it. Hit us up if you need the favor repayed Some random pictures for the lols! :D
  8. Well I just got 200k tokens today and I was wondering which weapon to get. Half my friends are telling me to get Rapier and the other half is saying to get Longsword. My question is, which one should I get? Also if you guys can include to pros and cons of each weapon that would be sweet :) Thanks in advance.
  9. Well I dc'd in a dungeon and when I tried to log in it keep saying: "Your account has not logged out from its last session. Try again in a few minutes" It's been over 45 minutes since I dc'd. Is this just a glitch or is there someone else on my account? I never gave my pass away.
  10. I came home from work yesterday and set up a 19 hour prep fight vs Gladz. We've had a lot of battles in the past and a pretty competitive fight a couple weeks ago. So, we knew we were in for another good fight. [Rules] -90 Minute Cap PvP Pkri -All Styles -Attack On Sight -Spiders To East Tree Boundaries -5 Man Snipe Cap -No Corrupt -No Dungeoneering Bk Starting: Gladz Starting: 93 Options (Confirmed By Damin) We rushed Gladz on spider hill and the fight began. It took us about 10 seconds to get a solid pile due to our rush. Once we managed to get our first pile we were able to get things going. Getting some good transitions in and some great styles and switching. After about 15/20 minutes we noticed Gladz regrouping at RDG and we kept on the pressure. Our piling was strong with minimal tanking from Gladz and we continued to hit their regroups. We started to gain numbers on TS and it added to our performance. The next 30 minutes was the same thing over and over until people started to run our of binds/arrows. We made our members mostly go bank since we already had 5 snipers sent, which gave Gladz a bit of time to get things going better and it showed. With them getting back up to around a 75 options main pile. It took us about 5 minutes to get everyone back and then we continue on our excellent performance. Things were going great until about the last 10 minutes of the fight where we were crashed by multiple clans. DK hit us spamming leave or die killing both our clans and VR ended up rushing Gladz. We fought back for a bit, but our 120+ options main pile at the time with DK'S 180 or so didn't seem to aid our situation and after speaking with Gladz we decided to end out fight. We walked to mossies took out ending and then headed to MG for our full on a difference world. Bk Immediate Ending: Gladz Full Ending: This is with assist on, they had 96 options. Bk Full Ending: Overall today, you all did great Bk. I'm so proud of you all, you did what I felt we are capable off. Keep it up, we still have a long way to go. To Gladz, thanks a lot for the fight today, we appreciate it. You all showed a lot of dedication to keep going and it shows why you all have been improving a lot lately. Keep it up, I hope to see more fights between our clans. Personally I had 3 deaths, not sure on my kills, but was decent for sure :P Good fight once again! Thanks a lot to the clans that aced, I didn't get a chance to see your names since the beginning we were trying hard to keep the pressure. [Fight Pictures]
  11. For this round of the 20v20, we were matched up to fight Dutch Generation. Unfortunately, it was set for Saturday, but as a lot of our officials were busy this Saturday and I had to work. We had to move the fight to Sunday and DG agree. So, we decided no rings allowed for this fight since they have to fight TMC later today for the full out round of the cup. Best of luck in that fight DG. :$ Pre war, we had a 99 party for Drkness4ever(Self) who just no lifed his way to 99 dungeoneering! Great job bro :D Rules as follows.. [Rules] -20v20 -All Styles -North Spawn Attacks -Center Bounds -No Corr -No Dungeoneering -No Rings Allowed Starting: We started with a pile on Bir 25 and DG piled Halo. Unlucky for us, they both tanked well, but Halo dropped before our pile did. After this, we managed to transition on a few quick piles and get a couple quick kills to ragain the lead. The fight continued on with us getting some good piles and excellent style switching until the end result. Ending: Thanks a lot for the fight DG, you guys are a very respectable clan and we wish you luck in the rest of the torny. It was a very clean fight, thanks for it :thumbsup:
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