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  1. I also have found something to be wrong with the calculator. On an Ice strykewyrm slayer task with a fire cape and hexcrest/full slayer helmet while casting fire surge and using extreme magic pot/wolpertinger special, staff of light and arcane stream necklace my max hits have been 1105 damage. Just to let you guys know if you want to look into it. I was also wearing ahrims top and bottom, barrows gloves, unholy book and infinity boots, so I'm pretty sure the mage equipment that you wear also has an effect on the amount of damage you do.
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. By the time this war started most people in Solace had ran their exp timers down to 1.1 or just didn't care :P I saw you there and my jaw dropped a good ten feet. Are you back now, Tboard? :o! He's been gettign more active lately :razz:
  4. You'll make accusations about Solace members sniping (with no proof) yet you won't mention who the snipers were from because you weren't sure. That's kind of disrespectful and, to be frank, asinine considering it's simply untrue. I could be mistaken but I'm pretty sure that he was saying that Solace was having problems aswell as BK with regards to being sniped. :unsure: Well done BK, good effort Solace shame about the crashers. Rereading the whole thing in context, you're more than likely right. I apologize. I'm touchy with things like that. :P Yea we both had people sniping our piles, it was a fun war though none the less.
  5. Zeonic Force's and Sacred Templars
  6. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueY7NyMMhw8 Well, with this weekend being double XP. I wanted to get a fight, but not a long one because obviously a lot of people will be taking advantage of the double XP. So, after a few days of searching I was able to set up a week prep with Solace. For a old school knockout war tree to tree for this Saturday! Rules as follows.. [Rules] -Fullout Knockout War (1 Death You Are Out) -Tree To Tree Boundaries At Membersgate -Melee+Binds+Curses Allowed! NO RANGING! NO BLASTING! -No Sniping -No Latecomers ( You Have To Be On Time To Fight) -Solace Attacks / Bk Defends -No Fog/RC/Dungeoneering/Corrupt Gear -No Cape Switching, Only Wear Your Clans Cape -Posting Allowed Now, a few days after the fight was set up. I found out it was also a long weekend, which I totally forgot. Which showed a lot in our sign up, with almost half our ML as maybes. We continued to prep the best we can, hoping we will pull better then our sign up showed. We massed up and heading to mossies in our old school black capes. With lots of high spam towers going and lots of positivity to relive some of the past type of warring Bk used to excell at. As well as to defy the odds since everyone on RSC posted Solace would take this fight. We met up with Solace at mossies and took our DD at west tree with the following options.. Bk Starting: 114 Options Solace Starting: 96 options (Confirmed by Dan) Now, based on our higher pull. We knew we would have this fight in the bag if we just performed. Our first pile frog, tanked us quite well, props on that. After that we were able to get a couple our quick KO's. Our spamming was very high and the binding was top notch. Due to the styles of course, a lot of people tanked and numbers from both sides took a while to drop. As the fight continued we started to notice more and more randoms pile us. Killing off a few of our members and tagging a lot of our mages. Not having a AC we tried to anti snipe them or pile them until they ran, while continuing with our Solace pile. It made things pretty hard at times and as the fight went on. I seen a few sniping Solace as well. As the fight came near the end, dead members from both clans tried to ac the crashers. Both clans kept battling it through until the end of the fight where Bk stood victorious. Bk Ending: 33 Options (1 person didn't fall in) Overall, the fight was a lot of fun. Lucky for me I still had 5 food left at the end of the fight because of the crashers, lol. The crashers didn't help the fight, but not much you can do without an AC. I know some were NI and come people claim some were people from a certain clan. I rather keep that part out of this topic until we can be sure or not if that was them. Thanks a lot for the future Solace, was fun to do it old school again! Good job today Bk, appreciate all of you who took the time to show up this weekend :D [Fight Pictures] Few Crashers Good fight once again :thumbup:
  7. Was just a bad day for us, we had atleast 10 no's on our sign up thread including myself, but good job none the less, maybe see you in pvp sometime.
  8. Good job forsaken, looks like poison is really having a bad week.
  9. Funny part is they came to us for the fight, they talked [cabbage] and flamed and got ended. Pretty sure it was the other way around, at the time when h0tgun was in your clan (r[]fl h0tgun). But you can deny it all you want, because you're from BK. [17:22] <@Venomous> @clantrack blacknights @1week [17:22] <Vectra[15]> ** (CLANTRACK): Clan: The Blacknights (14/08/10->21/08/10) | Members: 43->53 (+10) Congratulation on mass recruiting. 10 members is 10 members. It's called people wanting to join BK as well as retireds becoming active, oh and weve had another app or 2 today so whatever lol Not our fault people want to join us.
  10. Funny part is they came to us for the fight, they talked [cabbage] and flamed and got ended.
  11. Last weekend Venomous approached me for a pkri for this weekend. After our fight last weekend, we went and got into a discussion about a fight for this Saturday. Being it a Saturday and we are primarily a Sunday clan, we were a bit unsure about how we would pull and perform. Luckily we got a little incentive from a Bk member of a lot of flames towards us from Poison. After everyone reading up on those, we prepped hard and everyone was pumped all week to take on Poison. Rules as follows... [Rules] -90 Minute Cap PvP Pkri -Melee/Binds/Range/Curses Allowed! (No Blasting) -Spiders To East Tree Boundaries -5 Man Sniper Cap -Higher Pull Attacks -No Corrupt -No Dungeoneering -Rings Allowed -No Cape Switching -Team Crashers -Posting Allowed I came on about 20 minutes before mass time to see we already had 26 people on audio, hinting at the fact all our prepping was well worth the effort. TS was all pumped and everyone was ready to do their part. We walked up to mossies and compared options! Bk Starting: 153 options Poison Starting: 105 Options? (Confirm Please) As we pulled more, we were set to attack and rushed Poison on top of spiders. We started off bad, with many people including myself not having run on for the charge, lol. Giving Poison a early lead in kills, but after we downed our first pile. We sent out our 5 snipers and started to transition. It didn't take us to long to widdle down Poison's pile. From time to time they sent some snipers and we took them down easily due to our strong pile and styles. After about ten minutes it was evident the fight would not last to long and we would just need to keep hitting their main pile. We continued to do so until about the 20/25 minute mark, where Poison decided to call it off. We all headed to members gate and took our ending! Bk Ending: 156 Options We decided to head around and AC a couple of fights, but there wasn't really to many crashers at the fights we checked. So, after another 20 minutes or so we decided to call it a day. Cheers for the fight Poison and respect for not trying to drag it out. To Bk, excellent job today, I'm really proud of you guys. You all did your part and got the job done, excellent ;) Personally, I had maybe 3 - 5 kills and 0 deaths. Lastly, I do not want to see any Bk members flaming what so ever. This is your first and only warning. Any flaming/baiting will result in a immediate strike. [Random Pictures] When we aced we piled our buddy a arich man 4:P This was to do with Poisons summer goal to beat us:P Good job once again Bk's, you definitely earned this one :thumbsup:
  12. Pretty sure you guys regrouping at lava gap counts as out of bounds and both sides were flaming atleast some of your snipers were.
  13. Betterestcw VS Absuseless TWR Where's my points?
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