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  1. was easy... expected more after all the talk. +1 to what Kim said, respect is completely gone for your clan.
  2. gratz lolz.. very expected from our sign ups. starting was 78.
  3. No Everton No Tpr... rip boys, was fun when i was in.
  4. King Yufei - transitions through 3 straight of our own members in a war... trolololololol. <3: gap. No Namers. *cough* Everton *cough*
  5. myself.. meh dont have the time some days. clan.. same deal... we have a huge active community... but only some ppl are able to consistently make wars on a weekly basis. (weekend wars for ex)

    CR vs DF

    35ish active in ts... the others idk.
  7. never pull well on sundays... lots of ppl busy with rl stuff.
  8. we were acing and clearing lots of randoms in tmc's pile.... then out of the blue ph piled our members... we dont take that.
  9. meh disappointing turnout today for us... gf coll was fun... we couldnt get much going... hope to do it again.
  10. you got bashed lolz, thanks for the runite.
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