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  1. Wasnt a massive user of these forums as a forum but more like as a site for help - its sad. Runescapecommunity also died off pretty much. They made a new forum that no 1 really uses anymore. Reddit changed everything. The hole world changed as a hole. I just played Runescape again for 2 weeks after a 7 year break, players are very anti social and the gameplay pretty much reminds me of playing mobile games, everyone is always in a hurry and nobody stops to talk or chat. Things change i hope you all are doing well!
  2. Not sure how many of you have been to playoffs before, but it goes like this, one person masses up his associates, they mass up theirs and get around 100 people and tackle a clan with 100 people and so on.. There is no audio, some players might use audio for their small groups but there is no main Audio line for the hole team (there was Audio in the Australia Vs Ldk last-year's playoff tho). video : I think some of you might believe am posting it to flame, am not am just showing a different way to have fun on rs. Playoffs should be done more often!.
  3. Pure Hatred Fight ended 6 am my time, and we started events at 4 pm est (ended our day out at 11:10 pm EST). Personal amount of deaths:18?, first few hours, logged out + rebanked for the last 1-2 hours, no deaths last ~2 hours, total times rebanked:7 or 8. Good fight. Was funny getting camped to mossies by a person for 10 minutes then just going there, the moss giant hits him and i log out :).
  4. Well GX informed us they'll be crashing our planned fights, so i just asked their leader for a pkri (they were out already with lots of people), we knew before hand they had randoms with them and didn't care, just went straight ahead massed for 20 miins, we were scheduled to start at 4:25 pm est, we dd'ed at west tree 4:25 pm on world 105 (The world they told us to fight us), and they hop to w93, we hop, start, never really had any problem fighting them they had about 50 or so on ts. About 13 mins into the fight they decided to call off returning and end. Luckily for us, bt was all massed up and ready to crash us, but by the time they got to the battlefield, they were charged by PH and were instantly cleared from the map, and we just called our pk None mand and hunted them till they ended. massive bank loot XD. And very hilarious listening to their Teamspeak RAGE Good fight GX and thanks for the loots BT hope you keep crashing us its clearly helping you a lot!. http://pure-hatred.com/index.php?/topic/6534-saturday-guess-who/page__pid__111633#entry111633 ^Pure Hatred hey at least we're getting active on tip.it again.
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