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  1. Yes, but a breathtaking storyline in a game just screams for epic combat and skilling challenges.
  2. "I'm not aiming for it to be as hard as Nomad as this is a quest that seems to be most anticipated by the sort of questers who are more interested in storyline. " Come on. The sort of questers who are interested in storyline ARE the questers who desire challenging boss fights and difficult content. Up the ante already!
  3. It really makes you wonder who exactly gets the free paycheck for doing nothing over at the QA department when they release broken features like 'rated clan wars', 'mobilizing armies', and hair-wrenching, eye-stabbing grinds like... 'mobilizing armies' and 'livid farm'. From what I hear, Gladz's match got cancelled because of the feature being broken. Also heard that Jagex actually postponed this tournament until after the jagex Clan Cup because of all the bugs. Pretty likely that we're not going to bother with this crap for a third time around, as well.
  4. What are your views about clans who reopen under the same name - should they? Shouldn't they? If it's a few members getting back together who were once in the clan which closed, more power to 'em. However, of course hijacking a name by someone who was never a part of the original would be looked down upon. The fact of the matter is that no clan is 'the same as they once were', and there's no way for them to be like that ever again, even for clans that have not closed. People come, people go, nothing is ever just the way they were. If that's what you're looking for, to relive the good ol' days, when you join a reopen clan, then you are going to be disappointed no matter what. How would you react if, in the future, your current clan closed but then reopened? Gotta go back home. Have you seen any examples of clans reopening and being successful? Or opening under a different name and being successful? RsD and TMRD are the only ones that have done so successfully over the long term that I am aware of who have officially closed and made a big return, although SE/solace is pushing the boundary. I guess it depends on what your clan aims for. Is your sole purpose to be the best there ever was at PKRI/warring/P2p, or is it to be competitive and have fun in the game yet also provide a healthy long-term community, or is it "just get teh l00t"? 'Success' is subject to what the clan sets out to do. "Tarnishing the name/image" is hater talk for "I don't want you to come back/I want you to close". Simply go out, set some goals, and do your damnedest to achieve them.
  5. Nope, they routinely stop you from doing anything else besides castle wars while you do your castle wars in castle wars. You're not allowed to do anything for these ~90 days besides castle wars. While I understand that there is a reward at 5000 games, and therefore is needed for "completion", perhaps the reward is set too high to begin with.
  6. We can just declare the top 3 right now and save everyone the effort if Jagex is cool with that. :shrug:
  7. Jagex has always known about clans, but there's more to RuneScape than clans and therefore several updates/changes in the game has revolved around the whole base of players. There's no doubt that with the recent updates, Jagex are thinking about clans a lot more - whether it's for personal gain or whether it's for the community. The question itself asks how successful have they been integrating with us and clans in general with the last update, not about the last 10 years. It's completely related to privacy. Lots of members from RSB clans are complaining that they'll never be allowed to leave the clan channel, therefore having no privacy to other members of their clan. I agree that for us off-site clanners, there are plenty of ways to see if somebody is skipping an event. Please feel free to re-word the question if you feel the need to slate it. Yes, Jagex knew that clans existed, but until this update they have generally let it be on its own, with the exception, of course, of how they've been babying their RSB clans. Yeah, in recent years they've run a couple of Jagex Cup competitions, and the winners of that have had their names mentioned on an almighty plaque at clan wars. Other than that, you'd have to go back to the release of the 'clan chat' system, which arguably did just as much damage to clans as it helped due to how horribly it was named - confusing years' worth of players into thinking that "join my clan" meant that they should join a chat channel, and that their chat channels were actually their "clan". And before that, what, I think you'd have to go back to when they flattened out spiders->gdz? Now I'm not saying that in all that time they haven't ever thought about how what they were doing affected clans, I'm saying that they did not target the clan community for "integration" into the game. So the answer to your question is "yes, Jagex have shown more integration with clans via the recent update". That's easy to accomplish because prior to this there had been zero integration. The history of RuneScape is brought into the picture when you start using the word "more". "More" than what? More than they have ever before. What is 'privacy'? The ability to not let your name show up if you don't want it to? You can turn all of your chat buttons to OFF and you won't ever see anything from anyone. The fact that you're online is not sensitive material, but the ability to send you messages is, and that is regulated by the user setting their chat to 'off', 'friends', or by using the ignore list. - That this issue "is completely related to privacy" is your opinion. That's why it's a badly worded question. You put your opinion into the question and you are guiding the responses, whether you intended to or not. - "What are your thoughts on the argument concerning clan member's privacy? Should a clan member be allowed to leave the clan channel and be entitled to their own privacy or should they always be in there?" -> Should a clan member be allowed to leave the clan channel?
  8. Have Jagex been successful in showing more integration with clans with the recent update? More "integration"? You mean finally acknowledging the existence of clans via an ingame update after ten years? Yeah they've shown more "integration". Has your clan been taking full advantage of the update? (Cape Customization, Rated Clan Wars, Wilderness Kill/Death Ratio, Placing your Vexillums, etc) We've been playing with the capes and the vexillums. Rated clan wars is a joke. Wildy k/d ratio is an interesting stat but not important. What are your thoughts on the argument concerning clan member's privacy? Should a clan member be allowed to leave the clan channel and be entitled to their own privacy or should they always be in there? What a [cabbage]tily worded question. Anyway, the problem isn't related to 'privacy', it's related to peoples' feeling of guilt when they ignore their friends. They would rather just think that because their name can't be seen on the list that no one knows that they are online. However, everyone that passes them in the runescape world can clearly see them, everyone who has an xp tracker can see exactly what skill or minigame or quest that they've been doing (and exactly how much), and they don't have to see what is said in the clan channel if they don't want to - just set the display to 'off'. Get. Over. It. If someone wants to know if you're online, they will know one way or the other. I'd rather Jagex not waste their time trying to fix yet another thing that isn't broken and get to releasing more highlevel/clan content, instead of working to appease a sliver of individuals who think that they have some sort of guaranteed invisibility.
  9. Slightly distorted because I'm bad at computers
  10. From what I am told, the Karamja war lasted for days. It was before my time, but that goes to show that long fights have been around almost as long as the game has. Are they a waste of time? Sure, just like the rest of the game.
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