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  1. The Mighty Red Dragons Clan Classification Warring/Events/Community/Skilling Entry Requirements 110 114 f2p for Future Dragon, must reach 115+ f2p within 4 weeks 115+ f2p Trial Dragon, must pass leadership vote after 4 weeks All Applicants must have a referral from a member in the clan No multi-clanning allowed with the exception of approved teams and country clans Clan Leaders Syrclesels Theresilence Clan War Leaders Hemming Xarchangel18 Clan History The Mighty Red Dragons was founded on 2 September 2002 by Lord Laze. From the beginning, the most important aspect of TMRD was the community environment which has been maintained throughout history. We have had many ups and downs, including a 3 year period of changing to a community only environment due to many members moved on and declining activity at events. We changed back to being a full clan recently and are going strong once again. TMRD is coming up on 9 years and has always been a clan based on honor and respect. We provide a balance of warring, skilling and events for our members who come from many different time zones. Our home world is W70, we use Red team cape 42 and our battle cry is For Currahee! Regular Clan Events Wars PvP in wilderness CW Clan Wars MH Monster Hunting GW God Wars Skill Skilling Events Mini Various Mini Events Clan Chat Channel TMRD
  2. Strength: 1. DI 2. Gladz 3. ZF 4. TD 5. BK 6. TRWF 7. THE 8. MK 9. Jags 10. DS Community: 1. TMRD 2. Jags 3. BKs 4. THE 5. Gladz
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